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Skylar's Dream Pro


Genres: Acoustic / Pop Punk / Emo

Location: Darien, CT

Stats: 920 fans / 186,396 plays / 469 plays today





7 tracks

Members: Caroline (Vocals), Alex (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Phil (Drums), Garrett (Bass)

First off thank you so much for checking out our music. Our hope is that you enjoy it and can spread the word.

***UPDATE*** 7/17/09
As some of you may or may not know Skylar's has been on hiatus for quite some time, but due to popular request I am releasing what I like to call "The Lost EP". This is a 7 song EP which was intended to be released around the Summer of 2005; however, it never materialized. There are at least 2 tracks that you have never heard before. One is called "Every Town" and the other song is called "This Day and Age". The online-only EP is available now, tell all your friends and enjoy!
The Lost EP on iTunes!!! BUY IT HERE

Also, please check out my solo project below
Alex Spanos on Purevolume
Alex Spanos on Myspace

Definitely Demos CD Cover
DEFINITELY DEMOS (Released December 2, 2008)
1. Definitely Maybe
2. My Grace
3. When the Lighs Turn Low

Buy the CD @ one of these fine sites!

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Alex Spanos 2007
Words and Music


  • Sabrina Moebel said:
    great Music Nov 19
  • Olan said:
    how can i download this music?=(( Oct 19
  • Diego_woo said:
    wow you guys are amazing :) Sep 13
  • Tyler Regnart said:
    Give this a listen, south african acoustic vibes awesome www.purevolume.com/AwkwardLastWords92561 Feb 14
  • Lianne. said:
    I searched "Dream" & you guys popped up. Dec 27
  • NoseyPie(: said:
    i love your songs Dec 19
  • Pimen said:
    nice song guys .. :) Dec 17
  • alfred skyler said:
    ..nice Dec 23
  • Kirk said:
    love your songs guys :D Oct 09
  • Gianni Massaro said:
    We need more fans!! Please check out http://www.purevolume.com/thesaltineproject Aug 22
  • Caitlyn Ashley said:
    could you post lyrics for the rest of your songs? thanks :) Jun 25
  • I am;; Erica said:
    bailys beach has stolen my lyrical heart Jun 12
  • Randumb Rabble said:
    how come no one knows what emo is anymore. acoustic kicks ass, but is far from emo. emo is a type of hardcore music. Jun 11
  • Mark said:
    FREE E.P DOWNLOAD! TOTALY FREE!!!!! Hi Please check out www.purevolume.com/kyotodrive for fans of Pop Punk/Emo and download our debut E.P totally free. You will love it!!! Mar 24
  • Elyse Greentree said:
    i want to have your beh behs ;D inject me with thoughtful acoustic sounds Mar 13

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Skylar's Dream

Acoustic / Pop Punk / Emo

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