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  • John (808) Doe said:
    Great sound guys. Extremely Experimental! #listened2onrepeat Mar 01
  • ImJustACrazyBoy said:
    ;D yall' are back!! yesh!!! Sep 16
  • Nathan said:
    Everyone check it out...Victims Folly new music up this week! Feb 01
  • DonnaCake said:
    Love yall. Awesoem! Nov 16
  • Jordan. said:
    for fans of August Burns Red, Texas In July and This Or the Apocalypse check out my band! http://www.purevolume.com/wheretheresawillmusic http://www.purevolume.com/wheretheresawillmusic http://www.purevolume.com/wheretheresawillmusic Aug 15
  • Megan [: said:
    You guys are still pretty much my favorite band. May 21
  • Mallory III[FAN PAGE] said:
    Hey There, If you like heavy music you should listen to our Hardcore cover of "Like A G6" Http://www.purevolume.com/wecamewesawweconquered Apr 09
  • Xx_ANGEL_xX said:
    hey im new n i need friend coz imma big lona so yeah btw i love sky eats airplane n alotta other music its fkn awsome!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 06
  • wesley c. wimberley said:
    hello we would love if you gave us a listen. we are influenced by all genres from "radio head" to "the mars volta" www.purevolume.com/bluewhiskey Mar 22
  • Jordan. said:
    For fans of Woe, Is Me, Attack Attack and We Came As Romans check out my band! www.purevolume.com/howtowinawar Mar 21
  • Bendall said:
    Hey if you ever come to Iowa, and need an opening band, Check us out! http://www.purevolume.com/grinningmatch Mar 17
  • Bethany Arnold said:
    love them Mar 08
  • Jordan. said:
    For fans of Attack Attack and We Came As Romans, check out my band! www.purevolume.com/howtowinawar Feb 24
  • Kenny Blake said:
    well im not gonna lie the new additions to the band are great, but im miss jerry & kenny & johno): Feb 17
  • Tyler Regnart said:
    Check this out,,Awkward last words, peace. www.purevolume.com/AwkwardLastWords92561 Feb 14
  • Christina said:
    Love these dudes so much, good music. Jan 25
  • Wryse said:
    i love you guys. period. just.. brilliant. absolutely genius. Dec 14
  • :)YourNewObsesssionnn said:
    i went to summerfest and yall were there, at first i was like, what kind of name is that, but after a few songs i was like I dont CARE yall are AWESOME!!:) Dec 14
  • LoveHateHero182 said:
    come check out my band, new song up! http://www.purevolume.com/apilotsgunner Dec 03
  • joshua said:
    good sounds Dec 03