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Genres: Acoustic / Ambient / Soul

Location: On the detroit river, MI

Stats: 2 fans / 622 plays / 0 plays today


Members: D, Adam

sky-akira is a piano/guitar duet between adam kuhn and d willacker. it still has a very long way to come. but we want to keep people up to date with us so we can all take this journey together. so here is a very pre demo version of our first song, enjoy. 6/30/05

Go on songwriter
Tell them of your love, life and glory
(I want to hear your every single story)
And share with them all you've dealt and every single story
You look for inspiration like a lost little boy
Under every tree and stone you find a lost piece of joy
(Little piece of joy)
Piecing back together a puzzle of forever
It's taking pride before you die at wherever you come home to
The quickest way home is paved in gold
The air around it is warm
Or so I'm told
The sun above you, it always shines bright
The beauty in your eyes light up the night
I now can see what I couldn't before
I can now believe you are worth the war

Where are you going?
What city, country or state?
(Caroline, this is simply my fate)
California, Carolina, or wherever I am taken by fate
You'll find out what you need
Right at home with the love
(The angels above all stop to stare on the Detroit river right at home with the love because)
Not in the sand, the sun, not the beach or the sea
But on the Detroit river right at home with the love
You put even the most glorious in awe
anyone could look but will never find a flaw
in your body your soul or your mind
forever you'll be still well angel of mine.

angel of mine, you are worth the war.

anyone could look.





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