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Skull'Rz Bane

Iron Saddle-South St. Akron--9PM-NO COVER


Genres: Alternative / Metal / Rock

Location: Youngstown, OH

Stats: 2 fans / 218 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: DREWCIfER(Vox/Guitar), *ROX*(Vox/Drums)

Skull'Rz Bane is about bringing awareness of the political, economic and social problems that we face not only as Americans but as human beings witnessing mass injustices worldwide. Have you lost your job? Are you underemployed? Are you angry at the course that this country is taking? Angry at the people who really control things? So are we...With songs like Damn Nation, Run for your Life, Apocalyptic, Escape from Reality, and Eminent Doom we explore all of your deepest fears about the current crises and coming doom if people do not become educated and stand up for themselves....Also we explore the sacrifices that we make in our lives...and if those sacrifices ultimately make a difference in songs like Dreamz, White Crosses, Mirrored Ball, and Lock'd...Finally in songs like Masterpiece, Conspiracy of Allegiance (COA), and Them we explore the anger deep inside of each of us at the establishment, whomever is really in control that is always the untouchable, intangible THEM...
There style is also far ranging from softer ballads with edgy choruses to hardcore rock songs with screaming vocals...There is somethiing for everyone in Skull'Rz Bane...We are your mouthpiece...the outlet for your anger...A place to vent where everyone understands...



Skull'Rz Bane

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