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Set against the frenzied world of heavy metal superstardom, the cofounder of the most legendary rock band of the eightiesMtley Creoffers an unflinching and utterly gripping look at his own descent into drug addiction.

Few bands were as influential as Mtley Cre in making the 1980s the heavy metal decade. Theirs is a cyclonic story of runaway success and its price, blending outrageous record sales and arena headline tours with smashed up cars, jail sentences, models, drugs, breakups, reunions and more breakups.

In this candid memoir, Nikki SixxMtley Cres bassist and main songwriterrecounts the bands heyday. The Heroin Diaries takes readers along on one of the most breathless and harrowing roller coaster rides in the history of pop music. At its heart lies the authors nightmare come true: a punishing heroin addiction that brought him and the band to the edge of losing much more than just their spot on the charts. Serving up snapshots of rock culture at its most manic, this insiders look at triumph and tragedy is every bit as explosive as the musical odyssey it chronicles.

Nikki Sixx was born Frank Feranna in San Jose, California, in 1958 and grew up in Seattle with his grandmother. At the age of seventeen, he sold his guitars and took a bus to Los Angeles, where he began hanging out in local clubs and playing in bands. He founded Mtley Cre in 1981 with friend Tommy Lee. Today hes a family man with numerous projects in the works, including songwriting for other artists, a movie, a new band, a clothing line, and ongoing work with The Cre. Ian Gittins has written about music and pop culture for The New York Times, The Guardian, Time Out, and The Daily Telegraph, among other publications.


  • jk lol said:
    There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home... Dec 21
  • brenda, haai. said:
    love nikki sixx. :) Oct 06
  • Ashley_says_fuck..alot! said:
    herion diaries May 20
  • Jafe said:
    The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack by Sixx:A.M. is the only album that can truly make you feel all of the emotion behind the songs. From deep depression and loneliness in Van Nuys to a dark glimpse of hope in Life Is Beautiful to the confusion and hurt of Dead Man's Ballet. Also, songs like Girl with Golden Eyes and Permission will embrace you with so many emotions. This soundtrack for Nikki Sixx's The Heroin Diaries book brings you the true of emotion of hitting rock bottom, and then slowly being lifted back up after an unexpected revelation. You'll slowly begin to really realize the impact when you lose your breath in parts of Courtesy Call. Complete with narratives and diary readings like Life After Death and X-mas in Hell, The Heroin Diares Soundtrack is something that can add so much more feeling to your life. Sep 20
  • JohnnyBINFAMOUS said:
    this band is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 29
  • Anna said:
    SIXX AM you ROCK--Just recently saw SIXX AM at CRUEFEST! NIKKI SIXX, YOU ARE GOD! Aug 26
  • JAG666.7 said:
    you guys are awesome damn Aug 13
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    Mr. Sixx, you're quite incredible. < 3 Jul 21
  • bringBROOKEthehorizon said:
    nixxi sixx= my fucking idoll i love you d00d i love the heroin diaries soundtrack and book you guyzz are the shexx Jun 07
  • thetruesin said:
    Can you please add "Accidents Can Happen"? Apr 08
  • Kayla ; ) said:
    you are effin amazing! i saw your show on fuse it was really wicked... Mar 14
  • nicoleheilig said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 25
  • Jasper2447 said:
    You ROCK Jan 16
  • Jasper2447 said:
    You ROCK Jan 16
  • nismor said:
    DUDE YOU GUYS ROCK!! i love you guys i can realy feel your music and ROCK ON! Jan 06

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