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Six Foot Machine


Genres: Pop Punk / Punk

Location: Manassas, VA

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4 tracks

The story of Six Foot Machine is a classic tale of the American Dream and the functionality of Craigslist. In 2011, three complete strangers met up in response to a Craigslist ad offering free candy to anyone who would simply meet at midnight in an unnamed dark alley to collect their prize. The three joyously responded to the ad, only to be gravely disappointed upon arriving that there was, in fact, no free candy. Pushing through their tears and sorrow, the three comforted each other with hugs and understanding. It was not even 5 minutes into the comforting, when a hovering spacecraft approached and sent terrifying lightning bolts jolting through their bodies. Then it left. When the dust had cleared, the three slowly stood back up and noticed something felt different. To one Nate Sullivan was given the gift of bass/singing skills! To Brian Callan was given the percussive gift of drumming! And to Jesse Johnson was given the gift of guitar playing/background vocals! Having been violated by aliens only moments before, the three decided it was their solemn duty to start a punk rock band and use their gifts to serve humanity for the better. They then got into their Hondas and drove their separate ways, only to secretly construct together an EP of epic proportions that would shake the earth like rhinos in a diamond shop. The rest is history.