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Sirens and Sailors

Finally, a breath of fresh air!


Genres: Metal / Rock / Hardcore

Location: Rochester, NY

Stats: 85 fans / 4,566 plays / 37 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kyle Bihrle (Vocals), Doug Court (Drums), Todd Golder (Guitar), Jimm Lindsley (Guitar), Jon Turner (Bass)

SIRENS & SAILORS evolved from Rochester, NY in 2005.
Known for their mix of metal/rock/hardcore influences
and their energetic live performance. Bringing a new
generation of progressive, young talented music.
The 5 piece will be making an impact near you in 2010.

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  • Metallica-Rose Leeanne Madsen said:
    You guys Are So amazing!!!! If you want fan signs lemme know :)...although...kyle you kinda make me feel like a midget o.o ....but you guys are so amazing i wont hold it against you :)) Dec 03
  • Heidi Heartattack said:
    let me know if you want band signs and what not id love to help! XD Mar 24
  • Sadistic Conform said:
    saw u guys at waterstreet around a month ago along with ink.i met todd at ur merch booth duding ink's set, it was pretty fuckin sick. u guys put on a good show that night.good luck in the future. btw now that its over is amazing! Feb 20
  • Heidi Heartattack said:
    my friend informed me you are going to make an EP soon...? super excited you guys played an awesome show im so excited i got to go :] Jan 20
  • Heidi Heartattack said:
    cant wait for the show tonight pcc Jan 15
  • CassandraCorpse. said:
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Waterstreet Friday if I end up going. (: Jan 11
  • Sn0wFlak3 [FBtA] said:
    you doods are so fucking br00tal!!!!! love you guys!!! Jan 07
  • Thuglifemax said:
    2muchTHC what is that "2" much of The Hard Cock? hahaha drugs are for pussies dude Dec 31
  • Kevin Markgraf said:
    Hey its Kevin i heard your music and it sounds good haha u may know me... The dude at all the shows bros haha love you guys Sep 10
  • trainwrek7 said:
    great music ! cheers from chandler, az (: Jul 28
  • 2muchTHC said:
  • Bryan said:
    cant wait till hickstock its gonna be beast May 17
  • 2muchTHC said:
    i am here for eternity May 10

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Dec 25, 2010

Still Breathing

Nov 13, 2010

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