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Genres: Hardcore / Screamo / Rock

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Stats: 497 fans / 74,447 plays / 14 plays today






Members: sam, kevin, jon, eric, brad

Five years ago, under the sleeping streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin five friends got together to make some noise. They got together to have some fun. They got together to shake things up a bit. They got together because the
sounds, the sweat, the ear piercing decibels, the broken mics, the shattered guitars, the shaking asses, the pumping fist, the one light bulb swinging dangerously in harms way, and the action of the basement was all too
much to ignore.

The feeling was calling, so SINCE BY MAN answered.

Five years later many things have changed...SINCE BY MAN hasn't. They have evolved. They evolved into one of the most visceral, intense, and uncompromising bands in heavy music today. With a love for mixing things up
and a hatred of being tied to one genre, SINCE BY MAN has shared the stage with the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Rapture, International Noise Conspiracy, The Locust, Underoath, Glass Candy, Isis, and Andrew WK.

After three years of tireless DIY touring and three limited releases, SINCE BY MAN released their debut full length on Revelation Records, "We Sing the Body Electric" in the winter of 2002. The release of "We Sing..." marked SINCE BY MAN's arrival on the international music scene. It's record that masterfully combines danceability, brutality, sincerity, and decadence in one tight package of rock and roll destruction.

So now after going to hell and back, SINCE BY MAN has weathered the good and bad. The tours, arrests, debauchery, quiet nights, long drives, broken teeth, broken gear, broken faces, the cancellations, line up changes, parties, shows, late night swims in lakes filled with corpses, love, and hate all have come together and have been laid to tape. The follow up
ep to "We sing...", "A Love Hate Relationship", packs it all in. Though only a taste, clocking in at a mere thirteen minutes, SINCE BY MAN explores the never-ending tug of war between love and hate, anger and joy, and creation and destruction. In four tracks they run the gamit once again...atmospheric Mogwai-esque sound
explorations bookended by Converge-like intensity and Queens of the Stone Age dance rock head banging, meets blah blah fucking blah...

So bring that shit. Bring your attitude. Bring your expectations. Bring your preconceived notions. Bring your meaningless comparisons. Bring your breathing and your screaming, your shaking and your clapping. SINCE BY
MAN will bring the noise, and it will be loud.


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  • Haiyen said:
    OMG I LOVE YOU :) do you have a twitter? xo Nov 11
  • Elaynaa! said:
    what happened to you guys? :[[ Jun 07
  • afterlifesk8er9 said:
    really interesting music i like it it sounds really good Mar 21
  • said:
    WOW YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. i saw you guys at underoath in kettering ohio and i was right in front it was great. awesome job! =] clara Jun 16
  • xjasonx316 said:
    played a good show last week. thanks for comin out. Jason May 28
  • DukeOfMorrowind said:
    you guys were awesome at the attic on 5/27/06!!! come bak soon!! =) May 28
  • Uwishuknewme said:
    The Underoath concert in Tulsa Ur not worthy of touring with Underoath!! May 24
  • Uwishuknewme said:
    U guys sucked at the Underoath concert!!! May 24
  • C-Tal said:
    hello guys, you are freaking awesome. Keep it up, and I hope you go far. May 20
  • ghostwriter89 said:
    hey did you guys know there is an Austrilian band called since by man Apr 17
    UGHHH I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE CONCERT IN MAY!!!!!! Keep rockin!! ^_^ Apr 04
  • said:
    I\'m pretty sure you guys are my favourite band. :D Feb 23

we sing the body electric

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we sing the body electric

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