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Sinai Beach Pro


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Riverside, CA

Stats: 3,131 fans / 203,876 plays / 28 plays today






Members: CJ Alderson (Vocals), Logan Lambert (Guitar), Sean Durham (Guitar), Mike Dunlap (Drums)

Sinai Beach's "Immersed" album is available everywhere now!

SINAI BEACH have erupted from the fertile grounds of Southern California
to take their rightful place amongst the modern extreme music movement's
luminaries, bringing with them a sonic brew that incorporates the best
of metal's past, present and future combined with a hardcore-scene bred
work ethic and an undeniably heartfelt spiritual conviction. "Immersed" is taking the world by storm, bringing with it a melodic but savage sensibility inspired by Pantera and Danzig on a blueprint of Meshuggah and Slayer. This is Metalcore as its never been done before: intense, provocative, and fully-realized.

Get Sinai Beach tour dates, merch, videos and more at www.SinaiBeach.net or from Victory Records! Visit Sinai Beach at MySpace!

A Perfect Murder
Between The Buried and Me
Bury Your Dead
Darkest Hour
Dead to Fall
Nights Like These
Scars of Tomorrow
Sinai Beach
The Autumn Offering
With Honor


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  • shame. shame. said:
    come back, sinai beach. May 01
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  • Falwks said:
    Raaaaaaaaaaaaawr Jan 01
  • zeroday said:
    ur song kick-ass Nov 03
  • ForeverTheSickestSABBY! said:
    gotta love that HxC shiet! :D Sep 15
  • ChristainCoreFan said:
    my older brother knows u guyz his name is Peter Dixon Sep 06
  • FruitfullDeath said:
    Vic records gives us another KICK ASS band Jul 28
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    ManTAP..^,^ May 02
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    off the heezy Apr 14
  • ZaAAch MaRsHaLl said:
    off the heezy Apr 14
  • ScreamPrayersToTheLord said:
    gah, I have only heard about you a week ago, you are pretty good, and you are christian, that makes you a whole lot better! lol well, good luck and God Bless! Mar 28
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    damn, he scream actually hurts my ears!!?? heheheh Mar 10


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