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  • Alice_Bea237 said:
    They made me realize something important Nov 29
  • Caribou said:
    Love SimplePlan Nov 13
  • FuckyeahMtSpTnc said:
    Simple Plan saved my life! :) Sep 23
  • Angel Reaves said:
    my favorite band May 28
  • renee said:
    reneesow@ymail.com My name is Renee i am 23 year old girl single never married, In search of a person who understand the meaning of love as Trust and faith in each other rather than one who sees love as the only way of fun, but a person with Nice Vision of what the world is all about, i will be very happy to read your reply so that i will send my picture to you then we can start know more about each other please try to contact me through my email id reneesow@ymail.com. Thanks for reading my mail and be Bless Apr 08
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    welcome to my life :3 i'm in love with...relates to my life S: not to be all emotional and stuff DD: Oct 06
  • ☮ale☮ said:
    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Also saw u at warped tour 2011 ♥ :D ♥ :D ♥ Jul 28
  • jakobii7xo said:
    ok seriously i thought this was Justin Timberlake....? common guys pop beats? *sigh* Jun 26
  • Kelsey said:
    hey guys! you should definitely check out We Are Forever! it is well worth your time! promise! :D plus their really cute :3 http://www.purevolume.com/WeAreForeverBand http://www.facebook.com/weareforeverband Jun 26
  • sweets007 said:
    wow it's been a long time since I heard welcome to my life and when I heard it; it took me back and I still remember all the lyrics what a great song Jun 26
  • Myra Stella :x said:
    I really love this band :) Jun 25
  • Bernardo Vanity said:
    SP since i born maybe my fav band Jun 24
  • Beautiful Dysphoria said:
    Hi there! We are Beautiful Dysphoria and we were hoping you'd check out our music sometime. All of our songs are FREE to download. If you click on the albums, there are 20 FREE downloads. It makes our day when people listen to our stuff :) Check it out at www.purevolume.com/beautiful_dysphoria Thanks very much! Jun 23
  • Alex Johnson said:
    New Yellowcard Ocean Avenue Acoustic Cover!!! Search:Alex Johnson (: Jun 20
  • justo said:
    Hey if your into acoustic/indie music could you let me know what you think of my demos www.purevolume.com/justobell Thanks!! =) Jun 20
  • 钟申 said:
    sosolove,,, Jun 20
  • XxHeAtHeRhUrRiCaNexX said:
  • Noctis said:
    pls ge the no love in this playlist May 22
  • Bobin said:
    Jet Lag ! May 15
  • Joanna Perez said:
    Your music is mind-blowing. I love you guys ♥ May 12

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