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Silence The Messenger(TX)

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Genres: Death Metal / Metal / Hardcore

Location: San Antonio, TX

Stats: 66 fans / 1,555 plays / 8 plays today







Vocals-Steve Tinnon
Guitar-Paolo Galang
Drums-Fernando Lemus
Guitar-James Lyle
Bass-Jared Jobson


What's up everybody???

By now, you all know we're FINALLY releasing a new EP in January entitled, 'BURIED', and we couldn't be more excited! We've put a lot of hard work and time into making it, and we hope you're all as stoked as we are!

We will be starting off 2011 by touring to support the album in January with our friends in Triumph Over Shipwreck! Keep an eye out for dates to be posted soon, and other new things as we kick off the new year!

Also, most of you have heard that our bassist Seth has left the band, but not to worry, it was all on good terms and we wish him the best of luck! You can catch him out on tour, playing bass for our good friends, Before There Was Rosalyn! With that said, we'd like to welcome the newest addition to the STM family, our new bassist Nolan Anderson, formerly of The World We Knew! We couldn't be more excited to have him aboard, and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Keep an eye and an ear out for lots of new things to come in 2011. We're stoked, you should be too.

-all of STM.


What's up everybody?! We've got a lot of stuff planned for 2010, and we hope you're all as stoked as we are! We're doing a lot of writing, booking dates, and we'll have new merch in our online store soon! So keep an eye out for all of the above! In the mean time, if you don't have our demo we've been handing out, you can download all 3 songs here for FREE!
We hope to see all you guys soon! Spread the word!!!



Hey everybody! Sorry it's been awhile, but we've been working hard with our new drummer Jonathan and recording some demo tracks for you guys of the new stuff we've been working on. So please spread the word and tell everybody it's here and to come check it out! Thanks everybody!

Much love,
Silence the Messenger


Ello, ladies and gents its time for us to record and so be ready for the new stuff!!!! Stay tuned for the new tunes!!!

Luvs Yall a bunch
Silence the Messenger


Hello, hello I know it has been good while since we wrote but there has been much to do in the STM camp. We have just gone through another line up change, deciding to part ways with Kevin. That said we would like to welcome Jonathan as our new drummer, we are all very very excited about his addition to our band and its with great confidence that we go into the studio later this month to record "The Crystal Sky". We promise that updates will be more frequent and keep your eyes peeled for new promo pics, art in general, and the new tracks for our record.

Luvs ya
Silence the Messenger



06/11/2008 TOUR KICKOFF SHOW!!!!!!!!

STM tour kick off flyer


Ladies, Gentlemen and children of all ages it is almost time for us to go on tour and that means we need your support!!!! June 18th we will be having our tour kickoff show and we want you to be there with just about everybody you know. We still have plenty of shirts and cds to buy so come one come all and buy our stuff.

Seriously though we are all super stoked for what's coming up and would really love to see your bright shinning face while we are out there on the road. Again if you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida or Louisiana come and hang out with us I promise it will be a good time!!!!!

Much love as usual
Silence the Messenger

P.S. Nebraska and Echoes into Eternity are the two new songs off of the Crystal Sky and they are only a taste of what's to come, this is what we sound like now with the solid line up. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for more new stuff : ) !!!


Just to keep everybody updated, Kevin is back with us behind the drum kit. We all
decided it was where he needed to be, and what he wanted to be doing, so it's
great to have him back.

We have some promo pictures up on our myspace, which is
still in progress of being completely finished, but it looks great, so go check
it out at:


Also, our tour to Florida is almost done being booked! So those of you in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida, check the page for updates on if we're coming to your town!

We're also in the process of writing the new material for our upcoming full-length called The Crystal Sky, and the songs are sounding amazing. We're all really excited for the new songs, so be on the lookout for some new material on the page within the coming months!

Much love,
Silence the Messenger


Thanks for all who came out to the Underground to check out the show with Oblige on Sunday, even though we kept you out past your bedtime.

We are in a bit of a rebuilding stage, Kevin our drummer has parted ways with us to pursue his career as an artist and composer. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. So as we get his spot on drums filled and the new drummer up to speed you won't see us until the end of May most likely. We do have our EP on sale though, so if you are interested please email us at Fall_for_ever@yahoo.com for orders. Unfortunately we don't have a pay pal account yet so it will have to be cash through the mail, just let us know. : )

As always be blessed,
Silence the Messenger.


Thanks for showing up strong Pasadena!!! And thanks to all the dudes and Carol in A Widows Offering, At Calvary, Hands of Andrea and Hold Your Pride for coming out and puttin it down. You are loved.

Anyway, our next show is going to be April 20th, this Sunday, at the Underground with some bands from StillBorn Records. Please be sure and come out and bring your brother and your sister too. We have merch now: shirts are $12 and cds are $6 but put them together and you only pay $15. We would love to see you there!!

Be Blessed,
Silence the Messenger

Hey Everyone,

check out the new songs fresh off the press for the re release of Beneath the Scars. We are currently booking a tour for late June this summer so look for us in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and our course our beloved TEXAS!!! We are having our cd release party April 12th at "The Pitt" in Pasadena with our friends in At Calvary and A Widow's offering, we would love for you to come and hang out with us.

Tell your friends to come too!

Much Love
Silence the Messenger


  • Bethy Bow Down said:
    seth you suck!! :D jk jk ♥ see youse guys on the 4th :} Apr 14
  • THE NICSTER said:
    hello loves! :) Feb 20
  • ELIE said:
    hey guys, it's leslie (from conway at the coffee shop) just wanted to see how you guys are doin. seth, you have my number, call and keep me updated. hope you're doin well. Jun 28
  • Emilyy ;DD said:
    sweet stuffs (: Jun 17
  • ♥Wings made of glass ♥ said:
    u rock! u should help my band! :D Jun 16
  • dodx3 said:
    okay =D Jun 14
  • Matt[HC] said:
    amazing sweeps!!!! Jun 13
  • Matt[HC] said:
    hmm i like it Jun 13
  • Justintime4u is gone. Sorry Friends. said:
    you guys are sicktastic Jun 12
  • Nick {in the Y.C.!!} said:
    sweet man, reminds me of Lamb of God, its kick-ass! Jun 11
  • Jade Lauren said:
    b.a. demo's man! : D i like em! Jun 10
  • suicidexmakeover said:
    steller music. Jun 07
  • snail? said:
    the demos are sick all of your songs are actually haha keep it up and come to florida too :]] Jun 07
  • Cass said:
    I really like your stuff. Pretty sick, keep it up :]. Jun 04
  • Jade Lauren said:
    I like your guy's sound!! .. you should make a trip down to SL,UT sometime. and play a show or two!! : D Apr 08


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