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Silence In Autumn


Genres: Acoustic / Folk / Indie

Location: Houston, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Samantha - guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist

Hey ya'll, well here's some of my music... let me know what you think, it's always great to get some feedback.
"shill out holmes" - guitar is writtten and recorded by Adam Rensel.
Two cover songs- "Hear you me" by Jimmy Eat World & "Volcano" by Damien Rice.

More songs on the way.

Lyrics have been posted.

Thanks, and Peace.


ATTENTION ALL... Silence In Autumn is officially retired. The times have changed and so have I. Time for something new and improved, so keep an wide eye open and look out for my new project (which still has yet to be named). It was a great run but it's been too long since i've worked with this stuff sooo here I go.

Thanks, & Love to all!


OK SO HERE"S THE DEAL... unfortunently, my "pro" upgrade expired and about 20 of my songs were deleted from the site. I'm working on getting them all back up again + some new ones. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Peace & Love to all.



  • Alma said:
    i like how you guys sound. Apr 16
  • Jean Luc Picard said:
    Soulful, from the heart. Subtley inspiring. Good luck. I hope you find success. Nov 24
  • thesilentnotes said:
    Wow Your great. you sound like me! lol except the whole me sucking part but same taste in music. Jun 11
  • Honey16 said:
    good job...very nice :) Mar 15
  • classicrockielzpfvh said:
    Hey your voice is so beautiful. How do I add you to my favorites? Oct 10
  • bluemermaid_6 said:
    not to sound like every other fan who\'s commented you, but i\'m impressed, keep it up Sep 14
  • UniversalScarlet said:
    wow...your music is so good. you are very talented -- alana Jul 17
  • A Harmless Murder said:
    You are extremely talented. Your music is great. =] Jul 05
  • Artistically_Surrendered said:
    I love your music its so mellow and great when I just want to chill out Jun 06
  • SweetValentine. said:
    Wow. You have a great voice. I love the lyrics to your songs. Tres Unique! Mar 21
  • forgivenashes said:
    hey, i think that you have much talent, but i was listening to many of your songs and the melody sounds a bit that same in many of your songs. but i do like them. and in the song Hear You Me (cover) i think that you were breathing a little to hard, cause when you sang it was really deep sounding. i love ur voice and i think that you will make it far. Mar 15
  • robjob23 said:
    Hey, I really like your stuff! Good work. If you want check out my sight. www.purevolume.com/robwest Feb 20
  • xhung with pearls said:
    where in houston do you live cuz there is a little coffee shop by where i used to live called wired java and i would love to see you there one day ttyl Feb 14
  • Orphan_Tsunami said:
    I like it alot, u really suprised me. i love \"Another Way to Die Completely\", u are such a great songwriter...will u marry me? =P (jk, im not a stalker) Jan 28
  • smile_droplet said:
    Wow. You have a great voice. And awesome songs. Very talented. :) Jan 25


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