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Sight vs. Sound

We hail from all over the country but call Eugene our home. We've got a little bit of everything for everyone and we plan to make an impact on your li


Genres: Pop / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Eugene, OR

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Members: Ryan Tapert, Signe Tapert, Isaac Frank, Devin Horn, Scott Thompson

Sight vs. Sound started in 2008 in Seattle, WA. Ryan Tapert had just left Seattle indie/rock band This Providence when he met up with Ryan Danley and Peter Ellis, members of just defunct Seattle band Elite Stranger. The three of them decided that they would start a new project together. They then came upon and added singer/songwriter/guitarist Josh Heitzman and the lineup was complete. They began writing songs for their debut EP, The Sound That Saves Me, and after a handful of local shows they decided to enlist the help of Stereo America guitarist Luke Shipley. They released the EP, which was recorded by producer/engineer Brandon Metcalf and they immediately began to tour on it up and down the west coast with bands such as He Is We, Lybecker, The Paper Melody, Josiah James, From Indian Lakes and Hazel and Vine and threw in an appearance at the Seattle date of Warped Tour. When the time came to write and record a second EP, the band began to throw around the idea of changing their name. Once the EP was done being recorded by their long time friend/producer Brandon Bee, it was decided that the band would change their name to Mayweather. Following the release show for Stop The Tide, Ryan Tapert decided that it was best to part ways with Mayweather, as they were all growing apart musically and personally, and he took the Sight vs. Sound name with him. Tapert and the other members remain good friends to this day and Mayweather continues to be active in the Seattle music scene.

In Summer on 2011, Tapert was hired to go on a summer tour with a college music group called Momentum from New Hope Christian College in Eugene, OR. After the tour, he was offered a scholarship so he decided that he was going to go back to college. He came home from the tour, enrolled at New Hope and moved to Eugene. Upon arrival at the school he very quickly became close friends with guitarist Scott Thompson, keyboardist Devin Horn and vocalist Isaac Frank. In the spring time of 2012, Tapert decided to propose to his girlfriend Signe Garberg and during that summer, they got married. The two of them then moved back to Eugene in late August of 2012, just in time for Ryan to begin the next school year. Signe then joined Momentum as a vocalist and all six members began to play music together on almost a daily basis. It wasn't before long that they all unanimously decided that they needed an outlet outside of school and church to write and play original music. When they got together for the first time, one of the first tasks was to come up with a name. It wasn't long before they decided that they should revive the Sight vs. Sound brand and continue on with the original purpose for the band when it was started back in Seattle.

With new members and new songs, Sight vs. Sound is ready to hit the world with their brand of unique music and positive and inspiring message that they plan to use to help make an impact on a very hurting and in need world. "So many bands nowadays focus so much on what they look like that they forget about writing good music, but at the same time others spend so much time and effort on their sound that they completely disregard their image and don't give their fans something to latch onto and identify with. We wanna be the best of both of those worlds and bring something fresh and inviting without losing who we are and what we stand for." states Tapert. "Devin loves techno and dubstep, Signe is a sucker for a good pop song, I can't help but bring the rock to even a simple chill song, Scott complements us with his folk influence while Isaac brings a complete different side of any spectrum with his passion for musical theatre. I'm pretty sure there's not another band out there right now that has this much diversity between all the members. I can't wait to see what we come up with. And ontop of all of those musicality details, we all desire to improve the city we live in and want to reach the world with the love that we all share."

Be on the lookout for more updates with a expected song and video released by the end of the year and an EP to drop in the spring time. Sight vs. Sound is back and they don't plan on going away any time soon.



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