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Genres: Alternative / Soul / Rock

Location: Salado, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Alison Brown, Josh Brown, Matt Walker


Shy Tree is a female-fronted alternative rock band making waves in today's relevant music scene. The band originally formed in Las Vegas, NV where they wrote, recorded, and toured their first album, Sunshine and Sidewalks (2008). It's positive radio-friendly sound propelled the band to take their music across the U.S.

Now, based out of Texas, Shy Tree continues to push their creative boundaries. They released their second album, Escape The Cage in May of 2010. It's music is both lyrically honest and musically unique, creating a phenomenal and exciting release for the band. "I write lyrics as a means of coping and learning as I experience life. Some of them make me laugh. Some make me cry. And some make good songs" says Lead Singer and Guitar player, Alison Brown.

With Shy Tree's quickly growing song catalog, the band's live shows demonstrate their passion to connect with their audience. Song's such as "Fight for Better", "Escape the Cage", "Had Your Chance", and "Hold on for Tonight" draw the crowd closer to the live experience, although all of Shy Tree's set is catchy and energetic. "We love recording new albums and anticipate several more in the future, but we live for playing our music out on the road. Not for our own selfish gain, but for the energy that happens when the band and the crowd meet and spend some time together during a show" says Brown. "It doesn't get any better than that for us".

Both of Shy Tree's albums can be found on iTunes and Amazon, "and at all of our shows" adds the band. "We're in this thing for life, for love, for everyone, everywhere".

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    i LOVE YOUR MUSIC! i like home =] Jul 07

Sunshine and Sidewalks

Aug 01, 2008

Escape The Cage

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