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Shtei Milim


Genres: Hardcore

Location: Other

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Members: Shtei,Revak,Milim,A,M & D

Our band was formed in Israel, in the year 2003. We weren't sure that forming it was a good idea, until we recieved a sign from heaven (or hell) - After an evening rehearsal, a great white dog was found cold-dead outside the house's door. The Vet Rabbi who stated the dog's hour of death, had told us that the dog died because of a heart attack, prior to the rehearsal time. The Autopsy priest, who lived next door, had told us that the dog's inner ears had been found missing, and probably melted away. The Coroner Sheich's comment had been censored. Ever since, we're the only Hardcore band to sing in Hebrew and do it good.




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