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How Performed Punta Cana Get Very Popular?

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Punta Cana, located on the eastern coastline of the Dominican Republic, is becoming globally famous being a beautiful spectacular holiday haven with luxurious, eco-stylish, importance-listed, accommodations. In fact, voyage punta cana janvier 2016 has now become the Top vacationer spot within the overall Caribbean -- and that awesome transformation has occurred more than just 28 several years! This media has been reported in many of the well-liked travel publications and traveling websites. I want you to understand this stat is dependant on Actual info, not simply marketing and advertising hype. The statistics are compiled by the Caribbean Tourism Company, a low-revenue which will keep close up tabs on 29 nations in the Caribbean Place.

Listed below, I will explore this information in greater detail. My talk will heart round the info launched in 2010 since the Caribbean Tourism Organization has not yet but posted the December statistics for 2011 so there may be not a total info looking for that season. However, if you study the data available for the first 11 months of 2011, the overall trends remain the same.

The Dominican Republic acquired more no-occupant airport arrivals than every other region in the Caribbean, quickly beating out Cuba, the 2nd most favored tourist destination. This is a quick reference checklist for you to look at the top rated 10 Caribbean spots in addition to the full amount documented for no-resident international airport arrivals:

voyage à Punta Cana

1. Dominican Republic - 4,124,543

2. Cuba - 2,531,745

3. Cancun Mexico - 2,106,485

4. Jamaica - 1,921,678

5. Puerto Rico - 1,369,814

6. The Bahamas - 1,368,053

7. Aruba - 825,451

8. The Usa Virgin Small islands - 691,194

9. Martinique - 476,492

10. Saint. Maartin - 443,136

Now, let's bust these data lower a lot more into European travel, US American citizen traveling, and Canadian travel. Europeans opt for the Dominican Republic extremely as their #1 favored Caribbean trip place. Their following beloved is Cuba. The United States features a close up 4 way race involving CancunMexico and Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and also the Dominican Republic. Cancun edges out your other 3 although the Dominican Republic received 6.8% within just 1 year and that trend is ongoing. Punta Cana is now the #1 spot within the Dominican Republic for US Americans, changing Puerto voyage punta cana septembre around the northern coast, which used to be #1. Canadians also manage to like the Dominican Republic, especially Punta Cana, deciding on it their secondly favorite Caribbean getaway location after Cuba. Please be aware that Usa people are not capable to travel to Cuba.

Posted Oct 26, 2015 at 2:54am