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Added Aug 24, 2009

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Comments (19)

  • *[raw_rock_kills]* said:
    awesome..what more to say? Apr 15
  • kassie said:
    LOVE IT!!!! Jan 08
  • JesusFreak015 said:
    Hey guys I love your stuff and have followed you from the beginning. Thanks for your willingness to preach the Word of God boldy and how your willing to challenge yourselves and others with a different way of living for the sake of Christ. Keep Doing it. you've blessed me so much with pointing your listeners to Chirst. This video is awesome and how you show peoples obsession with Greed and Patriotism over Christ. Sep 16
  • Evan Tyler said:
    This is very interesting ha. But hey for lovers of Brand New, Thrice, and Death Cab For Cutie, check out my new band.....Www.Purevolume.com/WhatMachinesWere Please =) Sep 07
  • Sommo said:
    Well done. Sep 06
  • Christopher Abuhl said:
    lame Sep 05
  • Daemon Wolfblade said:
    this is a awesome song and i like the way the vid was filmed Sep 03
  • lemures said:
    the voice ... so cool Sep 02
  • Narx said:
    I bet its hard playing with such a strait face lol Aug 30
  • Marrim said:
    Awesome vid...INCREDIBLE song! Love the burning money. :D And Josh's little wave. :P Aug 27
  • endofdaysend said:
    good job Aug 27
  • Danielle Krakenberg said:
    I really like this video. Haha, but whos baby is that? Aug 26
  • Josiah said:
    @ fisher. Im pretty sure that they (showbread) directed and made the music video themselves. Aug 26
  • SlashAnDashed said:
    interesting change of pace from your usual videos. I like it. Aug 26
  • FISHER said:
    i like whoever directed this. it's not filmed from the usual angles and all that. very different. Aug 26