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Genres: Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Location: Roseville, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Cameron | Abner | Ben | Tanner

Hey everyone! Just wana say that we haven't stopped or anything!! Also I (Abner) have started my own sort of side project of acoustic and piano and all that jazz. Go check it out a Heartbeat Alarmclock!!

FIRST VIDEO!!! Me (Abner) and my friend Josh recorded a cover song "So Bad" by Making April!!! Tell us what you think please! This is just the video of us playin guitar, we recorded the singing after so thats why the vocals look off :)

Comments! comments! COMMENTS!!

We want to hear what you think!

were working on vocals right now!!

Sorry we had our ages up for a while but put them down so here they are...

Cameron- 15

Abner- 14

Ben- 13

Tanner- 12

Any Questions? Just ask!


  • Laura ★lIVIN lIFE iN bLACK aND nEON ★ said:
    abner, i LOVE Pianos Falling from the Sky!!!! and im soo glad you have it for free download, you guys amaze me!!! keep it up!! Jun 22
  • katherine! said:
    ohmygod. so which one of you is the piano prodigee? Jan 28
  • MusicXray said:
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  • JBGB said:
    hey you guys are incredible for your age when do we get to hear some lyrics? Oct 14
  • phixMEup said:
    put some lyrics in "falling" i love the guitars ^^ Oct 13
  • RepulsiveBeauty said:
    seriously, so good. Sep 29
  • Ryan Blaz said:
    you guys are sounding good :) keep it up! Aug 17
  • Gina said:
    Wow I really love the new song! Jul 26
  • :) said:
    i really like piano's falling from the sky; it's so pretty, and calming; :) Jul 23
  • Mandy said:
    Awesome new song! u never let me down! Jul 23
  • ben*JAMIN* Heeley! :D said:
    hey , i injoyed your stuff. sounded a little odd with out the vocals but theres bands out there without em, so good luck. Jul 22
  • Laura ★lIVIN lIFE iN bLACK aND nEON ★ said:
    that's amazing! i love it! Jul 20
  • Alynna Legweak said:
    your music makes my ears happy (c: good luck with the vocals. (c: Jul 20
  • Mandy said:
    dude awesome! put in some vocals ASAP! love u guys Jul 20
  • Victoria said:
    You guys sound awesome. (: Jul 13

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