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Released May 31, 2008

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Comments (7)

  • Jon R said:
    i'm downloading it for now, but i'll buy it as soon as i can :D Oct 11
  • Sam said:
    i LOVE it!! -Sam Sep 17
  • Kirk said:
    very great sound... love what I hear! Aug 10
  • Mrs. Nick Cocozzella said:
    please make some of your songs downloadable. =] i love your music but i cant find anywere to download it exepct itunes.. and i cant pay for it. =[ x x x ily! May 23
  • [ROFLcopter ♥] said:
    Ahh I can't wait till I can get thiss! May 15
  • KayMonet said:
    This is an amazing Cd, EVERYONE should go and buy this album, its an album you'll NEVER forget!!! Apr 02
  • alf said:
    A very good music... It's a calm and romantic rock! Apr 02