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Genres: Metal / Progressive / Jazz

Location: Mexico

Stats: 21 fans / 3,081 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Mak (Vocals), Jorge (Guitar), Frank (Drums), Tommy (Guitar), Felipe (Bass)


Shival-Vah ~ Biography

The band started out 3 years and a half ago, when Tommy (Guitarist) and Felipot (Bassist) decided to leave the band they had before, it just didn't see it coming. Then they went on to highschool #15 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where they met Mak (Vocalist) and "The Mole" (Ex-guitarist), later on they started searching for a drummer, they made several "auditions" for various drummers to get in the band, after some dudes took their chances, a guy named Franky (Drummer) showed up and the band decided he would be the best choice to fill-in the missing spot.

When the band had more or less than a year with that line-up, "The Mole" had to leave the band for some mysterious reason. A time later, Felipot met Jorge (Guitarist) and the band invited him to join after watching him play, so the new line-up was ready to rocknroll. In the meanwhile there have been some important gigs like opening act to Cannibal Corpse, also a lot of jamming out of the city, like Nuevo Laredo, Monclova, Saltillo, Distrito Federal, etc, They also went to a contest to be the opening act to Dying Fetus and Morbid Angel, but that day the drummer couldn't get on time, so the opportunity was lost, though they are expecting a lot more of important gigs on the way.

Also their independent CD "Decay Of Our Nation" just came out for sale and it's already being distributed around the globe.

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Shival-Vah ~ Biografia

La banda comenzo hace unos tres anos y medio cuando Tommy (Guitarrista) y Felipot (Bajista) decidieron salirse de una banda que tenian y no la vio de llegue. Entonces entraron a la prepa #15 en Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, y conocieron a Mak (Vocalista) y al Topo (Ex-Guitarrista), despues comenzaron a buscar un baterista y varios "audicionaron" para entrar a la banda, despues de varia raza que se apunto encontraron a Franky (Baterista) y decidieron que el seria la mejor opcion para tomar el puesto.

Luego de que llevaba un ano masomenos esa alineacion, Topo tuvo que dejar la banda. Entonces Felipot conocio a Jorge (Guitarrista) y lo invitaron a la banda despues de verlo tocar y asi quedo la alineacion actual lista para rockear. En este tiempo han salido varias tocadas importantes como abrirle a Cannibal Corpse y varias tocadas a Nuevo Laredo, Monclova, Saltillo, Distrito Federal, etc. Tambien entraron al concurso para abrirle a Dying Fetus y a Morbid Angel pero ese dia el baterista no pudo asistir al lugar y se perdio la oportunidad, aunque se espera salgan mas tocadas asi pronto.

Tambien su disco independiente "Decay Of Our Nation" acaba de salir a la venta y ya esta dando el rol por todo el mundo.

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*Thanks to everyone for going to the presentation, it went a lot better than we expected!

*Gracias a todos por ir a la presentacion del disko, nos fue mucho mejor de lo ke esperabamos!


*If you want to order our CD "Decay Of Our Nation" send all your address info and email to the contacts below, and you'll get mailed with the steps to pay.

*Si quieres ordenar nuestro disco "Decay Of Our Nation" mandanos toda la informacion de donde vives y tu mail a los contactos que vienen abajo y nosotros te mandamos un mail con la informacion para pagar.



Track List

01 - Kill Or Be Killed
02 - Disguise Of Lies
03 - Plague Of Death
04 - Planning An...
05 - Experimental Aggression
06 - Disbelief
07 - Time Bends
08 - Drown In Your Own Blood
09 - O.K. (Scarface)
10 - Internal Bleeding
11 - Suicide (Trauma)
12 - Decay



Decay Of Our Nation

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