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Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Metal

Location: Lawncrest, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Mike Watahovich-vocals/guitar,John Lonczynski-Drums,Michael Rivera-Guitar

"Shined takes all of the emotion and hostility inside and delivers with full force musicality. The band is honest direct and heavy as hell. Shined will take you higher!!!!"

- Steve Austin, Producer - Lamb of God/TITD/Converge

Spawned in Spring 2000 from the ashes of East Coast Coal Crushers, Unseen Holocaust, Shined founding members, Mike Watahovich (vocals/guitar) and John Lonczynski (drums), put forth the effort to break the bounds of their previous aural insanity. Through a year of constant writing and auditions, they were joined by brothers of Metal, Elliott Weiss (bass) and Michael Rivera (guitar). Described as a bludgeoning wall of sonic violence, textured with equal parts weaving harmony guitars, skull crushing bass riffage and drumming, technically challenging enough to make any math major piss themself, the band had been solidified. In mid 2004, Shined holed up in Clinton, Mass. with mad man/ Producer Steve Austin (Lamb Of God/ TITD), dropping to tape, their genre defying debut, " A New Breed Of Brutality ". This would ensure Shined the fuel to continue to lay waste. Destroying countless venues and posuers, while winning over legions of beer swilling misfits, brothers and sisters of Metal and converting the weak with their patented brand of non conformity. Through persistence, struggle and all things Metal.. Shined welcome the masses.....

We are Shined.. who the fuck are you?!!!



  • punkrocker7993 said:
    hey guys , i like the pro!! Oct 22
  • Giles Fuckerstache said:
    This band is the most swinging group of heterosexual beasts on this here wonderfully strange planet Earth! Women, get ya some while you still can!!! May 09


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