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  • Chris Smith said:
    Saw you guys live at Cal Poly SLO a couple years back, it was awesome. You guys should check out the band "Summer Circus" at http://www.purevolume.com/SummerCircus. Let us know what you think! Dec 08
  • Ginger said:
    FREE album download!!! Acoustic/pop/music that says and means something.. www.purevolume.com/justinposey Nov 23
  • Jordan said:
    hey! you guys were awesome last night!!! Nov 02
  • Kaylee said:
    such a good show last night! Oct 24
  • SHONAYYY said:
    i love this band. Oct 06
  • ForeverRain said:
    LOVE! Oct 02
  • Ostensibly So... said:
    i am head over heels for you =D i'm excited for this new CD. Sep 30
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
  • anaa:] said:
    so you guys have been my favorite band for about 5 years now. :] Sep 02
  • Connor from Before You Exit said:
    Hey everyone! I hate to be like everyother band out there but Im in a band called Before You Exit. We are really young and we are from Orlando Florida. If you could just take a second to listen and tell us what you think, that would be awesome! Be on the watch of our new EP that comes out in late august! Thanks so much, Connor www.purevolume.com/beforeyouexit Jul 30
  • scarecrow said:
    The day Mikey hugged me = best day of my life. The show was pretty amazing too. :D Jul 18
  • SHONAYYY said:
    for the longest time and the town that you live in. my shit..... Jul 10
  • SHONAYYY said:
    i fucking love this band, only band that straight up relates to me. im drunk..... Jul 10
  • GabrielleGuillotine said:
    Wowsers. :] Jul 08
  • kASi,,diSkOtEChA bAbYY said:
    i fully love you guys.you always contact me on myspace so i decided to find you on here.!:] you guys are wayyy good. i want a shirtt the second i find a shirt im buying it!! Jul 08
  • Misha. said:
    iLoveYou and yurr sound. Jun 06
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    I forgot how much I love you. !!! Jun 04
  • Sarah said:
    I LOVE "Song in my Head" :DDDD Apr 12
  • Nate said:
    Come to Provo again, guys! We will fill whatever venue you pick... Mar 26
  • danishugga_ said:
    the town that you live in, damn good song. Mar 14