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  • New Video - "Whatever You Like" (acoustic cover)

    whatsup everyone, i got alot of positive feedback regarding my acoustic cover of "Whatever You Like" by T.I., so i figured i'd go ahead a post a video of me doing it…

    Dec 04, 2008

  • New demo posted!

    It's a little different from what you're used to hearing from me, but I've just posted a rough demo of the intro (featuring adam korbesmeyer, from Ghost of a Stranger […

    Nov 06, 2008

  • New track added!

    Check out profile when you get a chance and check out my acoustic cover of T.I.'s "Whatever You Want". It's a track that's gotten pretty big on the radio at this point…

    Oct 05, 2008

  • New songs coming soon!

    My next EP, "The Shelter", is officially underway recording-wise. I'm really proud of these songs so far and I can't wait to release them. It's been a while since i've…

    Sep 28, 2008

  • new video - "this is" (acoustic)

    here's a little video of me playing my song "this is", shot by my good friend matt evans. check it out over here and be sure to let me know what you think. take it eas…

    Jan 28, 2008

  • new song demo up!

    i just posted the demo version of one of the songs from my upcoming LP; this song is called "Better Off Without You". be sure to take a listen and let me know what you…

    Dec 17, 2007

  • semi-charmed kind of life (acoustic cover)

    here's me playing an acoustic cover of third eye blind's "semi-charmed kind of life if you like what you hear be sure to check out sheeshmusic.comhan thanks for your…

    Dec 15, 2007

  • another new video - blink-182 "damnit" - acoustic video cover

    so it was really late last night. me and my boy eric were jamming and then BOOM we decided that we HAD to have someone shoot a video of us playing "damnit" by blink-182…

    Nov 20, 2007

  • seat down low - video!!!

    based on how much you guys have been liking my acoustic cover of lil' wayne's "seat down low" i decided to do a little video of me playing it. check out site, http://ww…

    Nov 14, 2007

  • new shit poppin, and old shit...well...streaming

    i hope you're all doing well as fly into the second week of november. shit. time flies doesn't it? i never seem to get over just how fast these days of our lives pass a…

    Nov 07, 2007