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  • jAcE © said:
    I second that. Conor Oberst IS an inspiration. Dec 02
  • Kirk said:
    what a cover :D haha i love it :D Oct 10
  • SARA-TASTIC said:
    EEEK!!! I LOVES YOU! Sep 23
  • falling1 said:
    pretty good!...hey if you really like acoustic music try here purevolume.com/nightlightcircus i´ve herd it a million times and its so simple! it just blows your mind! :) Sep 05
  • olivia :) said:
    your really great- your voice is ahhhhh amazing. Apr 14
  • Heidi said:
    I love your T.I. cover Oct 27
  • abbeyrose said:
    :) Oct 22
  • Josh said:
    You kick ass sir....plain and simple Oct 22
  • Brittany Jo said:
    You are amazing! how can I get ahold of your cd? Oct 04
  • runn_4_funn said:
    you are very talented. keep it up. :) Oct 03
  • Justineo said:
    i like your stuff. good job. Sep 30
  • Leigh said:
    hey, i'm from a small town in bama and we have a really small but tight-knit alternative-loving, radio-hating, loving group....we all write songs or play and we LOVE music, and we all have a tom delonge crush (except me, the girl of the bunck) and i gave your cd to all the tom-lovers and they LOVE it, and so do i....so go on being weird and acoustic....sylacauga "buzzard's roost" alabama hearts you ♥ comment back :) Sep 30
  • Jul Compton said:
    Sep 30
  • Nina said:
    i love it Sep 29
  • Cara said:
    sweet music man. =] acoustic is kinda my thing, so you roped me in pretty easy on this one. keep up the good work! =D Sep 02
  • schilkie. said:
    uhm so.. youre officially MY LIFE Aug 05
  • lovepotion29 said:
    Wow you\'re really good. Feb 04
  • Cassi Yea said:
    i am sooo a sucker for acoustic..your an amazing guitarist ...xoxo Dec 03
  • designer jeans x said:
    veryyy nice voiceee....love the music. you\'ve got so much talent. keep it up. Nov 28
  • Fortheloveoflyrical said:
    nice voice, after all the startup boy bands that have ehhish voices that i\'ve heard it was nice to hear some raw talent, koudos. -Whit Nov 27