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Genres: Acoustic / Alternative / Folk Rock

Location: Avon, CT

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what's up everybody,

my name is sheesh, i'm from the small town of Avon, CT and music is my life. i'm inspired by a slew of artists such as ben gibbard, conor oberst, dave matthews, max bemis, and tom delonge (to just name a few). i've been writing songs on and off for several years now, but starting earlier this year i finally got serious about it.

i've got a ton of new material that i'm in the process of recording, but right now i've got a rough EP called "the calm before the storm" (as well as a bunch of other songs) which you guys can listen to and download right here on my purevolume page. if you like what you hear, download the mp3s and spread them on the web or burn them on CDs to give to your friends!

my new web-site is currently under construction but i'll be posting updates on that soon.

i'm also currently working on my next release which I'm very excited about, so come back soon as i'll be adding new tracks to my purevolume profile and my site over the coming few weeks.

thanks for listening, i live for music and it really means the world to me that you would take time out of your day to hear what i've created.

- sheesh

p.s. - feel free to throw me a line for any reason, i'd love to hear from you

e-mail: sheeshmusic@gmail.com

All songs Copyrighted (c) 2008 - Rishesh C. Singh
[ that's my real first name...and now you know why people call me sheesh ;-) ]


  • jAcE © said:
    I second that. Conor Oberst IS an inspiration. Dec 02
  • Kirk said:
    what a cover :D haha i love it :D Oct 10
  • SARA-TASTIC said:
    EEEK!!! I LOVES YOU! Sep 23
  • falling1 said:
    pretty good!...hey if you really like acoustic music try here purevolume.com/nightlightcircus i´ve herd it a million times and its so simple! it just blows your mind! :) Sep 05
  • olivia :) said:
    your really great- your voice is ahhhhh amazing. Apr 14
  • Heidi said:
    I love your T.I. cover Oct 27
  • abbeyrose said:
    :) Oct 22
  • Josh said:
    You kick ass sir....plain and simple Oct 22
  • Brittany Jo said:
    You are amazing! how can I get ahold of your cd? Oct 04
  • runn_4_funn said:
    you are very talented. keep it up. :) Oct 03
  • Justineo said:
    i like your stuff. good job. Sep 30
  • Leigh said:
    hey, i'm from a small town in bama and we have a really small but tight-knit alternative-loving, radio-hating, loving group....we all write songs or play and we LOVE music, and we all have a tom delonge crush (except me, the girl of the bunck) and i gave your cd to all the tom-lovers and they LOVE it, and so do i....so go on being weird and acoustic....sylacauga "buzzard's roost" alabama hearts you ♥ comment back :) Sep 30
  • Jul Compton said:
    Sep 30
  • Nina said:
    i love it Sep 29
  • Cara said:
    sweet music man. =] acoustic is kinda my thing, so you roped me in pretty easy on this one. keep up the good work! =D Sep 02

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