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Shark In Your Mouth!


Genres: Metal / Hardcore

Location: Sukabumi, Indonesia

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Members: Ryan (bass / vocal), Tommi (lead vocal), Imam (drum), Lissa (key / vocal).

Shark In Your Mouth! is a five-pieced Sukabumi metalcore act. "Unassuming" may be the right word to describe SIYM! which formed in July 2009 amongst the hometown underground scene and played in some shows and gigs in Bandung. The line-up through many changes as the business from each past personnels until found the effective fit, they’re Tommi Siswono, Ryan Hafiez, Imam Arif Rahman, Lissa Annisa and Najam Yardo.

Hailing to comunicate their critical thoughts about negative influences of mainstream media and about taking real positive actions. SIYM!'s musical style combines onslaught semi-djent metal licks, massive hardcore breakdowns and sci-fi movie themed electro parts.


  • Wildan Mohamed said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/EyelessJKT Listen our new song bro! your apreciation means a lot of me ! REGARDS! Apr 24


Manila, Philippines

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