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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Experimental

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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4 tracks

Members: Mike, Josh, Nick, Jeremy, Eric, Sergio

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Though a mournful journey, full of haunting remorse and introspective hopefulness, we find generous empathy and painful fury that is Shallowpoint. With the pose of an oak, Shallowpoint is becoming of human greatness that has shaped their music into something that is more personal and expressing than most have attained.

Vocalist Jeremy Kellum provides a soulful outlook mixed with the agony of our nature to produce both a lullaby harmony and a feral intensity. Accenting guitars pull a personal if not emotional affirmation of sound that links almost a human quality with a depth ok passion. Created by Josh Spezzano and Michael Grassey, it is as individual as it is emotive. Coexisting to stress the importance of the sound, bringing true rhythmic balance to complete the intonation are bassist Nick Vance and percussionist Sergio Gaxiola. Together they have accepted the perfect tone and cadence to make Shallowpoint not just have a soulful yet bestial experience, but a movement of sound that preys on everyones emotions.

Like an addiction, their sound calls you back again and again.
--McKennon Gillette


  • Cassandra said:
    Hi! this email is for jeremy... sorry if i spelled your name wrong..lol! anyways..I dont know if you remember me but we kinda met @ the clubhouse like 2 wks ago. I came up to you and asked if you used to be in the band called human you said yes but now you are in a band called Shallowpoint! so the next day i looked up your band on myspace and i heard some samples..KICK ASS!! loved it! and i saw that you guys are playing @ Martine Ranch on Dec. 19th i was wandering if you can tell me how much for one ticket is. My email address is msgrant@cox.net. or if you would like to you can call me on my cell which is 602-616-7062 Thank you so much!!!!! cant wait to hear from you! Cassandra Nov 30
  • Dirtbaggg said:
    Put 12:01 on here IMMEDIATELY! Feb 11
  • Dirtbaggg said:
    You guys are AMAZING. I\'m so happy for you guys that you get to tour with Lacuna Coil. WOO HOO. I have alot of pictures of you guys. If you want them, holler at me. hahaha. peace. Nov 25


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