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Genres: Acoustic / Rock

Location: Spokane, WA

Stats: 80 fans / 15,308 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Bryson (keyboard/vocals), Erick (guitar/vocals)

Buy the album on iTunes or CDbaby.com!



A big thanks to Josh Dunn for basically doing everything besides writing the song. CHECK IT OUT!

OUR BASS PLAYER has some awesome music of his own, and is a very talented song writer.


Also... Erick recorded some stuff of his own while I was on my mission. Check it out at:

We WON People's Choice Award for Battle of the Bands!!! Thanks for all of your support!

At first, we decided we needed funds to create Cd's to send to everyone,
and we got some. A good amount. And we made Cd's. A good amount.
But now, you should just download our music. For free. Put it on your ipod
a cd, or just on your computer. Whatever you want. If you DO still want the
official CD including case, insert, printed CD, lyrics, then please visit CDbaby.com

Love, Shadowtransit

Bryson had the chance to record with a really amazing guy. If any of you Arizonians, or anyone really, want to get some recording done I would strongly advise you to check out OrangeWood Recording at http://www.orangewoodrecording.net/

We'd like to give a big thanks to Mike Coleman. Without him, this album wouldn't have been possible. So seriously.... go to the website, get some recording done. I know you want to.

CHECK THIS OUUUUUT- www.myspace.com/shadowtransit

This is possibly our new T-Shirt design so leave a comment if you think you might want one in the future. Pretty sweet huh, huh, huh...?

Q. Where was all the recording done?
A. About half the album has been or is being recording at EBS, Erick's Basement Studios, and we're trying hard to create the best sound we can down there. 5 of the songs were recorded at Orangewood Recording in Mesa, AZ. (Blind Love, Reactions, Forget About Me, Get There With Me, and Another Broken Mirror.) http://www.orangewoodrecording.net/



  • Richard said:
    o yes i am richard sanchez Jun 11
  • Richard said:
    Haha nice music its realy nice really ok bye Jun 11
    We are really happy to listen your music ! ! Thanks for that Sanchez Family Jun 11
  • Cheryl said:
    I LOVE instrumental city central!!!!!!! Jun 17
  • Amanda said:
    If you need a cool banner you can email me and I could get my brother to make one for you for free =] Jun 14
  • kelseylynnnn xxx said:
    i really like reactions :) oh and that t-shirt is pretty sweet and yess i'd like one in the future please :D Mar 05
  • xxx2 said:
    count me in for a t-shirt! and i love the new stuff! Nov 15
  • said:
    you guys have alot! of music up hats really chill you guys have alot of talent the lyrcis and vocals are amazing. Oct 07
  • de_hemel said:
    hey! you guys have some amazing lyrics!!! and i really like your music! Jul 28
  • yesterdayschallenge said:
    Hey Just thought I would say a quick hello and Congratulate you on realizing what life is really about and that God has someone for everyone. Its and exciting feeling when you realize you don%u2019t have to worry about anything, because God provides you with everything he feels you need and it%u2019s ALWAYS enough. always here to lend an ear...wow that rhymed...creepy :) Jul 18
  • said:
    gah...so wonderful. May 30
  • lame_and_giggley said:
    you two are so amazing. i love the songs. especially One More. i don\'t know hat it is but i like thta one a lot. May 23
  • x_imi_x said:
    I heart you muchly May 09
  • Forward_Motion812 said:
    Wow you guys are awesome. Seriously. The piano is amazing. So when you guys are famous and touring and all that cool stuff, hit up the east coast and do a Maryland show, kay? Haha, keep it up! -Robin Apr 19
  • Ivory Illusionist said:
    Personally... I think you could use a drummer. No offense or anything. Apr 12

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