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Serious Business Records


Genres: Indie / Folk Rock / Psychedelic

Location: Manhattan, NY

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4 tracks

Members: The Unsacred Hearts, Secret Dakota Ring, Man In Gray, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, DraculaZombieUSA, The Octagon, Kickstart, Benji Cossa, Looker, Rocketship Park, Higgins, Jack and the Pulpits

SBR21 is a digital single from Higgins.

THE YEAR IN BUSINESS: 2007 Free digital compilation record. The "Best of 2007" from Serious Business. 11 TRACKS. FREE!!!

Its December and we're all about giving until it hurts. To celebrate an amazing year, we're issuing an all-free digital compilation record. It is called The Year In Business: 2007 (SBR20). This is basically a "Best of '07" type of thing, with the hit jams from all the records we issued this year. There will also be 3 exclusive newies on there too in the form of unreleased business from The Unsacred Hearts, Secret Dakota Ring and Higgins. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A .ZIP FILE OF THE ENTIRE DELICIOUS DIGITAL RECORD.

Serious Business Records brings you...

SBR19 - BENJI COSSA - Merry Christmas to Friends and Family. Love, Benji Cossa

This album is only available DIGITALLY and is TOTALLY FREE! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.
Release date: February 12, 2008
MP3 - William Howard Taft

SBR17 - DRACULA ZOMBIE USA - 'Right Makes Might' / 'Long Shot' digital only single
MP3 - Right Makes Might

SBR15 - LOOKER - 'After My Divorce' b/w "Master's Gone Away' 7-inch
MP3 - After My Divorce


SBR14 - THE OCTAGON - Nothing But Change
MP3 - The Narrow Road to Oku


SBR13 - BENJI COSSA - Between the Blue and the Green
MP3 - Sunset

SBR12 - KICKSTART - Kickstart
MP3 - Kickstart Theme Song

SBR11 - MAN IN GRAY - I Can't Sleep Unless I Hear You Breathing MP3 - Stranded

Order them all here.

sbr10 - The Octagon "Love Will Turn You Around" b/w "Birdman" 7-inch

sbr09- The Unsacred Hearts Five Believers - digital only EP

sbr08 - The Two Man Gentlemen Band Great Calamities - LP

sbr07 - The Unsacred Hearts In Defense Of Fort Useless- LP

sbr06 - DraculaZombieUSA DraculaZombieUSA - LP

sbr05 - The Two Man Gentlemen Band Two Man Gentlemen Band LP

sbr04 - Man In Gray No Day / No Night - EP

sbr03 - The Unsacred Hearts / Man In Gray split 7-inch

sbr02 - Secret Dakota Ring Do Not Leave Baggage All The Way - LP

sbr01 - The Unsacred Hearts Unsacred Hearts - EP

Please enjoy checking us out on MySpace. You can also visit us on Fuzz.com. When you're done, go have some fun with us over at Imeem.com. And then please frolic in dewy meadows with us over at Buzznet.com. Of course, you are always welcome at our internet home: seriousbusinessrecords.com.Thank you. Now you should take a quick shower, no?

THE UNSACRED HEARTS- American-styled old-school rock and roll. Riff-happy power trio fronted by one shoutin' drunkard. Weird chords. Songs about airlinebottles, Dylanology and giving up on rock and roll.

MAN IN GRAY-- Noisy, sexy indie punk. One pretty guitar, one ugly guitar, one punk bass and one jackhammer drummer. Screaming and whispers from Tina. Songs about shock, awe and why Feb 14th is dumb.

SECRET DAKOTA RING-- A candy factory. Symmetrical washes of electric guitars, saccharine harmonies and tom-tom rolls. Hitsville chorii aplenty. Songs about true heartbreak, living in restless times and end tables.

DRACULAZOMBIEUSA-- A party-time electro-hardcore partnership. Overlapping razor-edged drum-beats. Fuzz bass. A nation spanning concert franchise. Songs about asshole dudes and MoneyBalling.

THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND-- Original circus-country and dixieland-swing with banjo, string bass, kazoos, & a triangle. Fast music at a reasonable volume. Skillfully sung harmonies. Songs about cheap liquor, the manly art of badminton and the fattest U.S. President.

KICKSTART-- Roaring, contagious pub-anthems about drinking, gambling, rocking, drinking and drinking. This is 100% bad-ass rowdy rock music, laden with deicious pop-hooks and made with love.

THE OCTAGON-- To-the-point, tuneful, parsed and pared down but high in energy, The Octagon wails it briskly with effect. Sticky, hummable Rock and Roll abandon.

BENJI COSSA-- Sincerely beautiful homemade melodic pop with roots. Classic, mad- genius charm, ragged edges, and other-worldly singing. Also, music made by a very nice man who enjoys flying a big kite.

LOOKER-- The Shangri-Las backed by the Pixies. "One collective stiletto heel in the Brill Building circa 1963 and the other in what used to be CBGB." Put the top down, turn it up, sing along.

ROCKETSHP PARK-- Josh Kaufman makes songs that are hard to forget about. Ultra-melodic, lush, cinema-scope folk-pop about family, life, loss. Tinges of country, Dylan, big hooks.


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