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The new Sequoyah album "Spells" comes out March 1!


Genres: Indie / Pop / Folk Rock

Location: Charleston, SC

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4 tracks

Members: Daulfin, Wayne, Yoanee, JR (aka JoJo, The One, and Little Bear), and Steve

Sequoyah (formerly "Sequoyah Prep School 2003-2010) is a rock and roll band from somewhere in South Carolina. After several years of extensive and relenteless travel, the band took an eight (8) month hiatus in order to reflect upon their eclectic experiences and create an unparalleled musical homage to choosing the life of sin and the unique repercussions of such a life.

In march 2011 the band will release it's highly anticipated new album entitled... "Spells" produced by Charleston hitmaker, Ryan Patrick Zimmerman. Along with the release of this new music, the band will be making many changes to it's overall mode of operation, including an increased disregard for everything previously released under the name "Sequoyah Prep School". When asked about the reasoning behind this decision, their explanation was "when you serve a new master, you begin a new life...we have found our place in the darkness and we mustn't go back".

The band will be on the road in March & April 2011 with The Riverwinds & Gone By Daylight, this will be the "Spells" album release tour, all fans of music and/or the good life are encouraged to attend.

The Band:

Daulfin Osborne: Vocals, Guitar, Keys.
Wayne Jones: Guitar, Keys, Vocals.
Hollywood Matthews: Bass, Vocals.
JR Hicks: Guitar, Vocals.
Steve Boyd: Drums, Vocals.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned!


  • Skipper said:
    you guys should put up "Long Winded Woman" Mar 22
  • Jadee.♬ ♫ ♪.xoxo said:
    I agree with H A N N A. You should put up "About Rain" (: Jul 17
  • H A N N A said:
    Come to Durham. Or Charlotte. Somewhere in NC. PLEASE! Some whereeee. Dec 20
  • H A N N A said:
    You should put up 'About Rain'..It's my favorite. Dec 20
  • britty_rose ♥ said:
    Can't wait for you to come back to Charleston SC!! Holy City is def one of my favs...you should add it ;) Nov 16
  • dear, erica said:
    i love you guys :)) AND About Rain. You should put that song up :) Sep 04
  • Megan said:
    you guys are awesome (: but you need to add About Rain Jun 04
  • WEtheKINGSfan1 said:
    you guys are amazinggg:) Mar 21
  • DontFlatterYourselfGirl said:
    Nobody but you... Mmmmm... Always sing with all your songs. Right now this is my favorite. Haha... Anyway. Just wanted to remind you guys... your the shit... I'm glad I smelled it. =P Love, one of your biggest fans, Jackki Dec 20
  • MaryKate said:
    great songs, bass is awesome. loved too late Dec 06
  • DontFlatterYourselfGirl said:
    yal are amazing. i heard about you thru my cousin who happened to see one of your shows in south carolina. Me and my girlfriend broke up right before we went to the beach for 2 weeks, and the whole time, all we listened to was your songs. i left knowing every line to every one we played and it was awesome. my favorites are def highway 501 and I'll find you. Completely killer. And I can relate to every one I heard. I love that it's like, real life situations, not that fairy tale bullshit most people try to lay on you. there's real heart breaks in life. and you don't hear enough about that. Needless to say. you guys are incredible. your gonna go huge. I know it. You should def come to hershey, pa. Like for sure. I wanna see you guys play so bad! Love, one of your biggest fans, Jackki (Jr) Nov 12
  • Lolli said:
    About rain is my fav song. Nov 04
  • spencer said:
    West what up cuz! i like the new music its ballin... im out at school in colorado if yall are in colorado let me know... i hope everything tell everyone i said hey. Oct 19
  • ethan said:
    yall r amazing i love most all yalls songs especially 501, about rain, and hate it Sep 23
  • HʌLɘ¥ said:
    you guys are like amazing. xoxo Sep 17


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