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Send Out Scuds


Genres: Christian / Ska / Other

Location: Kissimmee, FL

Stats: 66 fans / 2,657 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Sam - Vocals/Keys, Jeremy- Guitar, Josh- Bass, Deiches- Guitar, Kim-Trumpet, Tony Drums, and David-Sax

If you think you know ska, you're in for a big surprise! Born and raised amidst the Florida hardcore scene, Send Out Scuds is poised and ready to destroy any pre-conceived notions you had about the antiquated reggae/punk infusion and give the genre a long awaited overhaul! With musical influences ranging from the O.C. Supertones to Dragonforce, the eight members of S.O.S each bring a unique style to their, sometimes happy, sometimes heavy style of music. But it doesn't stop there! A live S.O.S show is nothing to be missed with a powerful stage presence that would put even the most hardcore band to shame! These Servants of Christ Until Death have been Sent Out on a mission to change the hearts and minds of a generation and to renew the way the world perceives the entire Christian rock genre.


  • Tianna. said:
    You need to put up more music on here!!! Aug 26
  • Valerie said:
    i got all you guys to sign my arms at a freaks, geeks, and rousties concert in clearwater, fl. then i had fun telling my friends about it the next day at school. keep on rocking, or "ska-ing", you guys are amazing. Nov 24
  • PO2Matty said:
    Hey, this message goes out to Jermey! Hey, Jermey you are awesome.... I love you guys...! Peace... Matthew Wheeler Mar 18
  • Mumsy said:
    Hope to see you at SONSHINE in Wilmer, MN again next year!!! You guys were great! What a suprise to see a ska band. Nov 12
  • Nessa said:
    awh. i miss you all being at the showcase, i really do. i loved seeing chris at that one CD signing thing for RAFA and davids victory, etc. he owes me a high five, remind him of that. come back soon (: Jul 25
  • James I. said:
    You guys are awesome and where the best band at Sonshine. Defiantly a lively band but I was sad when Chris did not come to the table I sure wish I had gotten your autograph. Your only fault was that Chris talks ofly fast. Jul 20
  • Niana Banana. said:
    You really did steal my heart at realfest. I have found a new love. Apr 16
  • Johnny Jesus Freak said:
    You guys rock you should consider getting in touch with the Soulfest people. In Jesus name keep playing. Mar 05
  • FrazierFreak1994 said:
    YO, I saw at first Friday overflow, and you were GREAT PEACE Oct 20
  • oh_so_scene said:
    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Aug 20
  • whadupbratha said:
    you guy are awesome. come over, let\'s dance and skank and AHH, just chill and have some olde english =P whooo! Oct 20
  • BethyBear13 said:
    i saw yall at Billypalooza with DC North and Until Eternity....i was one of those chicks that brought the glowsticks....LoL Jul 29
  • dday99 said:
    Dude what happened to yalls songs man! ahh dude this aint cool! Jul 15
  • Punk/Hardcore/Loner said:
    Guys I understand and respect the fact that your christians and all..... but if u didnt have that in your genre part ud have alot more listeners....... I love it and ur exactly wat Iv been lookin for so keep it up! May 19
  • im.hailey.nice.to.meet.you. said:
    i saw you guys at cornerstone and you were pretty much amazing. mabey ill see you there next year! haileyy May 18

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