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Genres: Metal / Metal

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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4 tracks

Members: Rutarp, Shaddar, Hannibal, Monolith, Anima

SEMARGL - black/death metal band from Kiev (Ukraine), formed in 1997. The first work group tend to the style of black metal, follow the same have a noticeable influence death metal with a number of innovative elements. The lyrics touch on issues of Satanism, anti-Christianity, philosophy, war.

Current members:
Rutarp – vocals;
Shaddar – guitar;
Hannibal – bass, vocals;
Monolith – drums.

Founding group
History of SEMARGL originates in the relatively distant 1997, when their creator Rutarp, in addition to determining future directions of creativity (melodic death / black metal), were formed the foundation of her philosophy. Gradually picking up and brings the composition, already in 1999 SEMARGL recorded their first demo, consisting of 4 songs and one cover song of AT THE GATES.
Continuing to collect material, but after 3 years, SEMARGL create a second demo, which was not published. One of the four songs of this demo ( «The Falling») will later be overwritten for the debut album. In 2003, fully formed a permanent group:
Rutarp – vocals;
Shaddar – guitar;
Kirkill – bass;
Equinox – drums;
Shamala – keyboards;
Morthvarg – guitar.
With the accession to the group, each of its members had contributed to the overall sound. So, thanks to Shaddar, there is an additional bias towards black metal, and piano party Shamala`s added to the music melodic and atmospheric sound. Thus, SEMARGL from the very start of his career are not confined within a single genre and instead of mixing the banal and the combination of styles, brings to them and new elements.

In May 2004, the group visits the polish city of Bialystok, where the studio Hertz (already mentioned here earlier VADER, ASGAARD, DECAPITATED, HATE, VESANIA) is working on his debut album. "Attack On God", which was destined to see the light of April 16, 2005 in Russia label More Hate Productions, includes 8 tracks, whose style ranges from melodic black metal to brutal death metal with significant influence keyboards. The basis of poetry and propaganda (since the traditional component of booklets disks) is a philosophy based on the principles of Satanism, in his vision of the band members. Shortly after the release of this album collects many favorable reviews from local and foreign critics, resulting in the 2006 American label Deathgasm Records fully redeem the rights for the publication of a disc in the United States, incidentally supplying it with a new, professional-looking booklet.
In 2005, the group leave Morthvarg and Shamala, and the remaining members wasted no time starting to write the next album. "Satanogenesis" was recorded in the same studio mae Hertz in 2005 and despite a relatively short period since the establishment of the debut album, the second creation is much different from him: the sound is more raw, the music faster, and the lyrics even more angry and blasphemous. In the final version of the album includes 13 tracks, including several industrial / dark electro tracks. By tradition, the CD booklet contains propaganda. "Satanogenesis" also goes to Deathgasm Records (USA) June 8, 2006, and after a few months the group sent to Germany to record is the third disc.
At this time, recording, mixing and mastering the album held in Echolane Recording Studio (Bad Bergen, Germany) at the engineer Kai Schwerdtfeger. Recorded an album, later entitled as "Manifest" (manifestation of the war as a radical method for solving the problems of humanity) in the musical and ideological level, is divided into three logical parts ( "Radius", "Eradication" and "Verdict") and contains 13 tracks as well as multimedia section with video for the song "Selection".
At that stage, "Manifest" was the highest achievement group, demonstrating the high skill participants, and their ability to literacy embodiment of his work in the recording. Musically, this album is much inclined to death metal, but in the topics close to Satanism, new opportunities for a group of military motives.Almost a year later (August 29, 2007), "Manifest" successfully published and distributed label Deathgasm Records (USA). After the first clip, SEMARGL is video on instrumental composition «The Manifest of War», which is a sequel to last in terms of its themes. Also published a video on the Internet with slogans and propaganda to the album "Manifest". In 2007, changes in the composition are still going on: a drum set Equinox'a replaces erland and leaves the group on bass Kirkill, took the Hannibal, who later also became the second vocalist, he sang songs in the new scream. In 2008 the team as a headliner conducts several performances at festivals in Russia and Ukraine, while continuing to work on material for the next full length album.

Our days
In early 2009, SEMARGL signs contract with German label and distribution company Twilight Vertrieb, thereby opening a new phase in its development. Start recording the fourth album SEMARGL scheduled for summer 2009, and already autumn is expected to be out on the label Twilight Vertrieb.



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