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Seether Pro

On Tour / New Single "Country Song" on iTunes 3/8!


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Stats: 6,598 fans / 406,370 plays / 0 plays today





6 tracks

Members: Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, John Humphrey

Seether is thrilled to announce that the new album will be available in May 2011.

Watch this video from Shaun, Dale, John and Troy for all the album details.

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  • mike dalls said:
    I like your good old music Sep 26
  • Julie London said:
    floating" the memories again. I love it. Sep 23
  • osmoe said:
    cool Sep 22
  • foster said:
    beautiful work :) Sep 04
  • Steveaus said:
    i am your big fan Sep 01
  • Harry said:
    nice stuff $$$$$$$ Jul 18
  • vashikaranindia said:
    great sssssseeetthheerrs May 03
  • diecuttingbelt said:
    i love the seether Apr 23
  • Tori said:
    I love you guys! Though I just started listening I cant get enough. :) Dec 14
  • wholemkt111 said:
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  • Brandan said:
    fucking love you guys. Aug 21
  • Raven said:
    I ❤ Seether so much!!!!! One of my favorite bands!! May 19
  • Zakiya Briggs said:
    I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 18
  • Mike Sexton said:
    Can't wait for the show this Sunday in Columbus. please play no Jesus Christ and shout out to Mike Jeremy and Joe Jul 29

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