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Seeing Emerson


Genres: Rock / Emo / Punk

Location: Aylmer, QC

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Members: Alex,Mark,Chuck,Carl

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.Life is a struggle thats no news but music can be a remedy for all we have to go through. Though it cant do the work for us, it can guide us and soothe us. In the beginning Seeing Emerson struggled hard trying to build a band. They tried over 10 singers every single week, but still couldnt find the front man they were looking for. They also had trouble writing songs that would satisfy every member, since they all had different influences. After a while the guys realized that the front man they needed was actually already in the band, and it was Carl. As the months past by, Seeing Emerson was growing as a band, as songwriters, and they learned to know each other and became just like brothers. The first song they ever wrote was theres so much more and as you can see the song reflects there lives and how its important to never give up no matter what happens. Thats when things started to get better. They continued to write new songs and finally did there first show .It was at a shitty bar in Ottawa, and there was like 10 people, but they still had a blast. After playing a couple of shows and trying to make their music accessible they decided to hit the studio and record a three-song demo. After finishing the recording they wanted everyone to have a copy of the demo, so they made 1500 copies and gave them away at shows. Ever since, theyve been trying to put up as many shows as possible to spread the word. Seeing Emerson has achieved what they always dreamed of which was basically transforming their life stories into music. For booking contact: seeing_emerson@hotmail.com


  • MOFUKS said:
    Goodluck at Club saw tonight guys. Ill be watching :] Aug 16
  • D|saster said:
    Vous etiez super au show du 27 mai Jun 10
  • XJEEX said:
    you guys are fucking awesome.... as soon as you have a demo ready, Give it to me I\'ll get Bob to make you play at the Bop... mes salutations distingues. Jee Dec 24


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