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Secret Secret Dino Club

New song "Kids Don't Care At All" free download!


Genres: Pop / Indie / Hip Hop

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Jayce Levi

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  • bokaoturanboga said:
    I wish you're working on a new song... Please, god. Jan 13
  • Stephen said:
    release new music already Nov 07
  • Gaebrielle said:
    best accidental find ever so happy i found you guys =) Aug 14
  • Aireona said:
    Haha. Oh, how "When I Was 16" describes my life perfectly. ;._. Jun 22
  • la la Lately (; said:
    May 27
  • NicoleMuttaFukka said:
    Gah I adore your music:D Apr 12
  • Lia said:
    woww finally i found u on purevolume . ahh love ya secret-secret dino club ;D i've already got your album ;) Feb 04
  • brent said:
    why did you change ur name from secret secret dino club? Feb 03
  • Jessilynn :) said:
    come back to toledoooooo, pleaseeeeeee. Jan 17
  • Jake said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/FreshNation this kid is nice check out stay cool. Real Hip Hop just now Jan 10
  • Colourmycity said:
    naise Dec 22
  • Cassy said:
    this makes me happy. I knew this band before but i could never ever find there music. Not even youtube had some of there songs D: Dec 11
  • NoiseFromTheVillage. said:
    the "albany punk" song download doesnt work. :( Dec 04
  • Sierra Dawn said:
    So no longer 'Secret Secret Dino Club'? =[ Oh well, you guys still rock no matter what you call the band. =] Nov 22
  • Carmen said:
    i love WHEN I WAS 16 the best :) Nov 04


Sep 27, 2010

When I Was 16

Apr 16, 2010

"Snow Buddies"

Dec 01, 2009

Chicken Finger Fingers

Jun 10, 2009

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