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  • Rubberduck said:
    Wow the saw mask thew me off lol hay guys kick butt songs keep up they song righting for Jesus!! Jul 08
  • metalhead111 said:
    the new song is sooooo dirty! nice job guys keep it up! God Bless Jul 06
  • Drew said:
    the new song is freakin legit. Jul 04
  • Brianna {hates algebra} said:
    Just got your CD it is amazing!!! Jun 06
  • Christopher said:
    hella. i got you guys on the space. i digg it!! May 29
  • King Of Nothing said:
    thanks for the message matt May 23
  • i'm out of names. so Chris. said:
    so, you guys messaged me, and thanks. at first i was like, dude, i don't wanna read this, i always get these messages. but yeah, nevermind, great great great band. May 16
  • My friend, the Pornstar. said:
    :D May 08
  • Jacob Stinson said:
    (Late) happy birthday Matt!! May 08
  • Lorenzo said:
    Nice... Your music is pretty sick. May 07
  • Without Wind in their Sails said:
    sacrafiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(i wanna see the blood flow)iiice best part of the song hahaha May 06
  • Jakeeeee said:
    pretty sick shit. sacrifice is awesome. May 05
  • metalhead111 said:
    awesome stuff guys!!! God has blessed you big time! keep up the good work May 04
  • Rocker For God said:
    SWEET stuff guys keep rockin' it for the Big Guy. God Bless May 04
  • The Christmetal Wolf said:
    Y'all are awesome. I love the out-and-out Christ-themed lyrics--keep on rocking for God! May 04
  • Buck Up. said:
    Tight music. Love it. Adding you now. May 02
  • Brandon.919 said:
    checked you guys out yesterday and got a message today, dont know why i forgot to add you (: May 01
  • ▀▄ღۜemosai fenrisღ▄▀ said:
    freakin sweet hardcore vocals! nice! keep it up guys! May 01
  • KETCHUP_josh_MUSTARDD said:
    I am totally blown away by the hardcore vocals! amazing control and deapth, the vocal range is outstanding though I prefer the deeper stuff. Apr 27
  • Kassandra. said:
    reppin' Apr 25