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  • Rawan said:
    Repping Detroit, love it! Awesome music! Jan 04
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  • Olivia said:
    Repping Detroit, love it! Awesome music! Sep 09
  • Under Skin said:
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  • jegz racaza said:
    great u guyz rock keep it up... hope i can download all the albums.... Jul 04
  • RozzieRose said:
    Hey guys, I discovered you on Pandora, and whenever you come on I turn it up! Son of A Gun is my addiction right now, so thanks you so much and keep up the great work! Dec 14
  • Charlotte said:
    Hey, I love your music, and I think that you have done such a good job in creating such beautiful lyrics, with such beautiful songs! You're just so under rated, and it frustrates me, because you are so so so much better than a lot of bands out there that have, what, like 8 million people liking them? When I first heard one of your songs, I was just thinking where have these guys been!? They're amazing! The first song, I just new, that I would have an unhealthy obsession with your band! I just really hope you get out there and achieve a lot! And you obviously can! Because your music, as I have said, is absolutely amazing! Dec 14
  • Kirsten said:
    your music is awesome!! love Sep 10
  • ☮♥Paola-Bear♥♫ said:
    awsome music i love it ♥ ^.^ Sep 10
  • jave ryan said:
    great! sure won't miss pressing [become a fan, button] Gr8! Aug 04
  • Aaron Abbott said:
    They're back! They're writing a new album and touring right after it drops! Jul 02
  • stinkyfeet11 said:
    Check out this new band called "Somnalius Frond"! Please take a listen and click the become a friend button if you like the music! http://www.purevolume.com/somnaliusfrond May 23
  • F-eli-X said:
    Make a new Album!!! Mar 23
  • Kelsey Bell said:
    i love you guys, your songs are the most played songs on my ipod, i can't get enough ! search the city = looove < 3 Mar 02
  • famoustarsandme said:
    i love your music Jan 02
  • MiracleMaxScott said:
    Rad tunes! Also check out http://www.purevolume.com/miraclemax! Dec 08
  • Liz-Owen said:
    Amazing! Nov 30
  • Nicole said:
    Love Nov 04