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Chiropractor West The big apple NJ- Sciatica Symptoms

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Dr. Jason Tirado can be a chiropractor in West New York, NJ who has committed to sciatica and low lower back pain since 1995. His clinic, A corner Pain Center, is situated at 83 Franklin Turnpike in West New York.


You may have awakened one morning with severe leg pain, or simply you’ve been had bouts of back pain that crop up at incoSciatica2nvenient times. A trip to your family practice doctor could possibly have told you about sciatica. Prescription drugs may be prescribed, however that only treats the symptoms and not the condition. If you’ve had an ample amount of the pain, it could be here we are at a second opinion.

For other people in the community suffering from an individual you believe mysterious back or leg pain, the initial step for many people on the road to relief is identifying the reason. Understanding the symptoms of sciatica will help you decide whether speaking to a chiropractor in West Ny, NJ is the next logical step.

Common symptoms associated with sciatica are:
• Moderate to severe low back pain that may or might not be continuous. Sometimes this pain may be debilitating, but often it’s less severe as leg pain from sciatica.
• Leg pain that is severe or debilitating. This pain almost always involves only one side of the body, and typically radiates down one leg in the lower back. Occasionally, this pain can radiate as far down as the foot.

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• The location of the pain can adjust, depending on the part of the sciatic nerve that’s been affected. Your sciatica can sometimes include pain in your feet and toes along with the lower back and leg.
• Shooting pains which can be severe and make walking difficult.
• Pain that seems less severe when setting up or walking, but worse when sitting or standing is indicative of sciatica.
• Many people describe the pain of sciatica as searing or sharp pain, rather than a dull pain.
• Some people even experience a prickling feeling down the leg, weakness, or numbness. The weak and numb sensations also can happen while walking on, or moving your foot or leg.

Whether you’ve been suffering the signs and symptoms of persistent sciatica for quite a while, or you’ve just started researching unknown spine and leg pain, finding relief is essential. Nobody should suffer needlessly. A session with a chiropractor in West Nyc, NJ such as Dr. Jason Tirado will be your first step to becoming painless.


Posted Jan 14, 2016 at 9:25am