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Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Alternative

Location: Fairfax, VA

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Bare Minimum is exactly what it sounds like. The bare minimum a guitar and a voice, its what brings forth good songwriting and heartfelt lyrics. Writing about anything that comes to mind is easy. Making your point come across to the listener is the hard part. We all go though hard times in life weather we admit it or not. I hope my music can bring joy and maybe help people though there life's. To some life is a burden with my music, I hope to point out, every life is worth living.

In the coming months, I well be recording most of my songs. I hope many of you well enjoy. I entitled it "In my basement" thats what it is, all in my basement. Its not in a studio, im not rich. I thank you all for coming and any support given. You can help me along with my music, please if it made a difference to you. Tell your friends and family the more support I get, the more I am able to write and record. So when the CD comes out in fall 07. Someone, anyone well at least know "this life is worth living for."

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Im my basement

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