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Save it for Sunrise


Genres: Rock / Post Hardcore / Screamo

Location: Bainbridge, GA

Stats: 336 fans / 25,190 plays / 62 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Daniel, Ian, Rusty, Marky, Jordan, Paul, Colby

Save it for Sunrise is a 7 piece arena worthy rock band full of melodic melodies, roaring breakdowns, and orchestrated chaos fit to molest the ears of the finest music critics.


  • William said:
    beautiful.... just, beautiful :') ........... i only have 2 questions........... where can i get a cd, and can we jam sometime :D !!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 28
  • Landon. said:
    Miss you guys, hope to see you guys again in Bainbridge sometime soon, those were the best nights of my life Nov 08
  • olivia< 3's you said:
    god, i swear, stagesandstereos-maydayparade-goradio-kidnamedchicago- and now this band, all connected through shared members and relatives. i don't need to explain it all...but honestly, anythign that has to do with that grouping above is amazing. and that includes this. more love for me to listen to. Jul 20
  • Thinking 'bout ketchup chips.. and for some reason the game battleship said:
    epic breakdowns Jun 25
  • xologo said:
    why would you break up!!! D': Dec 29
  • Ahmandah said:
    I.l.o.v.e.y.o.u. Oct 15
  • Ahmandah said:
    I.l.o.v.e.y.o.u. Oct 15
  • matt said:
    get some videos Jul 25
  • melony said:
    you guys make me miss bainbridge. the year i lived there was the best year of my life. and of course,, filled with the best music (: parker rowland showed me you guys, and i love your music!! Jul 07
  • Matt[} said:
    hey everyone most of these guys are all in diffrent bands now i know one is stages and stereos,and another band but they are really great so go check them out if you dont already know about them. Jun 27
  • kiiwiimmm said:
    i think im in love. :D:D:D May 11
  • Matt[} said:
    i went to your last show in tally before you broke up. Apr 26
  • togapartyriot said:
    i miss u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 15
  • Maybell:D said:
    Your music is like sex for my ears. Mar 20
  • Stεphεи said:
    hey hey well i live in a shithole of a town called columbus GA but yea we need somthing to keep the white people alive. ! there is this place called the core. & they have this thing called the SSS (summer side show) please contact the core & ask about, please come & play for us white people Feb 29

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