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Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: Philippines

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Members: Lynes Celeste, Mary De Leon, Johnry Valeriano, Kenn Amurao, Kel Rodriguez


composed of:

_lead vocals_





Original Compositions:
Ala-ala, Panahon, Kalawakan, Bukas, Ikaw Lang, Awit ko, Ngiti Rosas, Yesterday..

- Band History -

Saturday Avenue started with the lead guitarist, Johnry Valeriano and drummer, Michael Rodriguez last 2004. They are close friends that they decided to hold a jam together knowing that both of them know how to play musical instruments. Eventually, they decided to come up with a band after realizing that the blending of their music makes a new music which is suitable to the ear although their musical influences are far apart. Alvin Ancheta who is a Freelance bassist that time. And kel's bandmate since high school days decided to join the Saturday Avenue permanently. Meanwhile, the rhythm guitarist Mary Grace de Leon was invited by Michael to try out for the band. Subsequently, she found out that her music has a place for Saturday Avenues music and she in due course, determined to stay. Their vocalist, Lynes Celeste was discovered last. She was a drummer and a second vocalist of a band which was disbanded and in search of another band to pursue her passion in music, she found Saturday Avenue which was referred by a good friend. She then took the position of the vocalist after a series of jamming with the band.

- Where did Saturday Avenue name came from? -

The band, in search of their name, thought of different names that would suit their musicality. After a run of trials, they stayed on Saturday Avenue which sounded neither heavy nor soft which is parallel to their alternative pop rock genre. Saturday which was brought up due to the day they jam the most which is the day of Saturday and Avenue which was from Katipunan Avenue where the studio they first jam together is located.

- Expectations of Saturday Avenue -

Saturday Avenue is striving not for popularity but for the respect, value and appreciation of the people they show their music to. The band expects more hard work from each and every band members to gain these things and endurance to maintain in the music industry to show the people that they deserve such things.

- Type of Music -

Saturday Avenues music is leaned on alternative pop rock and the band members came from diverse genres but their musical output shows a different kind of music which is new and very pleasing to the ear who would listen to them.

- The Band Vision and Mission -


Bringing out the best in every band member is essential in bringing the music higher and nearer to the bands goal which is showing a stirring and poignant music which is different from the showcase of any other music of other bands today.


To spread the bands music with honor and reputation, gaining respect, value and appreciation from the people who would hear.
To extend the bands hands to the hearts of each and every people while showing the band's showcase of a lifting kind of music.

- Foundation of Friendship -

The groundwork of the band members strong camaraderie with each other is not only in the performance of the music itself but also to their lives behind the band. Each and every member helps each other in things outside the band like accompanying a band member somewhere he/she needs to go to or helping him/her in the school works. The relationship between the members is not only as a band but also as brothers and sisters.

- Band Future Plans and Dreams -

- To release the songs for the people to hear and appreciate them.
- To have an album out in the market.
- To perform as a bigger act in the music industry.
- To touch the heart of the people through the bands music.
- To show the bands respect to the people who gives time to listen to their music.
- And the biggest dream of the band is to have their music to be respected, valued and appreciated by music listeners and music lovers alike and by the people who are also involved in the music scene.