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Sarah Bengtson


Genres: Acoustic / Other / Other

Location: Guilford, CT

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  • zmurgency said:
    sarah you rock my socks...and um yeah, what, serious piano distortion on the two instrumentals??? you should make those longer...they rock... Feb 14
  • said:
    like the new pic...n songs! way to go x amanda x Nov 18
  • theminuteHesang said:
    nice songs ..their cute Sep 01
  • Lacrosse_Babe said:
    You have an amazing voice! I hope you keep going, so I can fall in love with more of your songs! Jul 17
  • amyyyhooo said:
    i love your voice. Jun 19
  • ilovejarris said:
    aww ur cute, likin ur musik alot xxx Feb 27
  • lVlelissa said:
    Love it. Your voice is unique. Unlike anything I\'ve ever heard. Love it. Jan 22
  • zmurgency said:
    WOW I finally got to get a listener account...I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!! YOU ROCK MY SOX OFF!!! heh, mebbe sometime i\'ll put up a song and then you can comment on me! HURRAH!!! Jan 11
  • GoldenPhoenix said:
    hey. sarah, i think your song is awesome. you\'ve got a great voice. keep up the good work. i\'ll deffinately buy your first album. Dec 26
  • GoldenPhoenix said:
    hey, sarah, that was amazing. you can really sing. keep your head up and sing your heart out. i\'ll be there for the first album. : ) Dec 25
  • heartsandstars112 said:
    Dude that song is one of my favorite songs. I listen it over and over again. Dec 17


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