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Added Aug 21, 2009

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  • =3 said:
    Def one of my favourite bands. x Nov 15
  • I lane, you not said:
    i saw you guys at the st. patrick day parade in columbie SC last year! it was amazing! you guys are the best band in the world...just saying Oct 08
  • leon said:
    ^_ ,,so nice guys.. May 22
  • Pyramids Of Monsbiza said:
    saosin you guys are so amazing awesome video xD: Feb 08
  • Tkinspwnz said:
    use to love you guys til i saw you live at warped, cove comes off as a jerk Jan 20
  • jeff nikki aaron bondoc said:
    nice hair !! Jan 15
  • Ravi said:
    This video is really grt!! See a wide collection of videos in www.uploaded.tv Sep 14
  • Jason Williams said:
    I'll probably be yelled at for my comment as well, but I feel this is some of the best stuff that you all have put out. It feels that you're all coming together as a band writing to accompany Cove's vocal abilities, instead of Cove accompanying the riffage. Don't get me wrong I really haven't been disappointed by anything you all have put out, but this album to me is Saosin. My personal favorite is Changing, lyrically, musically and arrangement are stellar. I'm very excited to hear the new songs live and thank you for the dvd that you released with the album, and I'm jealous of your studio set up at hurley, definitely an ideal situation to work on music. Keep it up. Sep 09
  • JIb said:
    Jesus Tapdancing Christ, you guys suck so bad now. What happened to your balls? I've never been a fan of Cove and his inability to carry a solid melody, but "Bury Your Head" was a SOLID track. Now, it's just bland, soul-less crap. I give up. Sep 03
  • Sconnie said:
    agree to disagree...saosins translating the name in my opinion will never be matched but that doesnt mean i dont enjoy the new saosin. plus in a ton of interviews saosin admits that the comparison will never end and that its a part of who they are today....read this http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=811612....best part of the interview is the possibility of a saosin and circa tour someday Aug 31
  • Brett said:
    I'm very happy that you guys have material coming out, no matter how long you may have had it. The self-titled is an epic album in your career and to me sounds like it would be a tough on to follow up on. However, all of the time that has gone by shows that you have been working hard as hell together and I know it will pay off. By the way, about the whole Anthony thing, let if fucking go. So many years ago and you still hold on to it, accept the change and embrace the music. Haha, I just realized Allison said the same thing just now, well g'damn two people saying the same thing cannot be wrong. Cove, do work son. Aug 28
  • Allison said:
    and theres the comment that will start the argument this time. seriously though, get over it, anthony left wayylong time ago he was only in the band for like just over a year, cove has been in it for like what 4 or 5 or something like that. just shut up. Anthony's in circa and thats where he belongs, and cove belongs in saosin. end of discussion. Aug 27
  • marla said:
    i like it alot, finally some new saosin!!! ha justin kinda looks like cove w/ that hat and long hair, before cove got dreads Aug 26
  • Cahranica said:
    I LIKE IT *-* , nice Aug 25
  • Gabby said:
    ahhhh OMG. i LOVE YOU GUYS. you've always been amazing. and you always will be. forever a fan. Aug 24