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Sam the Boy


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Folk

Location: Gilbert, AZ

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Members: Ryan Sullivan


My real name is Ryan. That's the name that my parents had agreed that I would be named. When I was born my dad decided that he wanted to name me Samuel. My mom was all drugged up and passed out because I had a huge round head and was too stubborn to make it easy on her, but my grandma stopped him from writing it on the birth certificate.

Growing up my dad and I had an odd relationship and he had nicknames for everyone. He would never call us or any of our friends by our real names. At different times he would call me by different names (Scottie for instance), but "Sam" was the one that just wouldn't go away. I'd be in the middle of a soccer game and he'd be on the sidelines yelling "GET THE BALL, SAM!"

I hated it. I really did.

My grandpa, who as far as I know had invented the nickname thing and passed it on to all of his kids, liked the name too. He had a Golden Retriever that he loved as a son and he named him Sam. This caused a conflict whenever I came into town, so he would specify by calling the dog "Sam the dog" and me "Sam the boy". I was okay with that because my grandpa was amazing. He also threatened to break all of our arms every time we talked to him, but he really just meant an indian burn. If you want to learn some more about him, listen to my song "Sing to Me". He's the stubborn old cowboy. Since he died a couple years ago I've thought about him a lot and now I miss him calling me "Sam the boy", and singing his dumb little song, and all that. This is my attempt to keep it alive.

Anyway, that's the story. I hope you found it to be both enjoyable and educational.

For more information check out my myspace page here or AIM me at samtheboyband.


  • give.me.clarity said:
    love everything about your music, i really love how you picked the name "sam the boy" its a sweet story that i definitely enjoyed. your voice is very soothing and your words are endearing. well done x Jul 29
  • Emilee said:
    (: i love this. May 23
  • Annie Dear said:
    love it :) Oct 18
  • RYAN_THE_GREAT said:
    amazing Sep 30
  • jofish said:
    Can you guys post the other songs from the myspace profile on here? Myspace won\'t let me download the new one and it\'s making me want to cry Thanks for being amazing Nov 02
  • karensiita said:
    i loveeee youuuu forever Apr 22
  • haileymonster said:
    AMAZING Mar 19
  • K3V Martin said:
    even better, Myspace is great, but the songs play automatically one to the next on here, oh my lucky day...seriously for a moment you guys have some serious talent, keep the songs coming... Mar 13


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