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  • Natty Nat Natz said:
    That anthem of love song sounds really cute x] Jan 12
  • ryan ramil said:
    nice... good Jan 11
  • fevermarlene said:
    your music makes me happy :) Jan 07
  • Samantha (Sam) said:
    I really like it, it sounds awesome! AWESOME JOB! Jan 03
  • Savannah said:
    i like it :) its like electronic and the beats are catchy Jan 03
  • xxfistfightsversusfencesxx said:
    hey this is pretty kool. my brother in law would love it, he loves techno and electronic music. Jan 02
  • Nick said:
    I loved all that. Favorite, was Give me a chance. You're great, get more up soon. Thanks :) Jan 01
  • To the Batmobile! said:
    i really enjoy your songs :D hope you keep up the good work! Dec 27
  • Alice Cullen18 said:
    rEALLY nice!! I LIKE IT.. Dec 24
  • kacie said:
    most of my families actually from greece haha. but i really like elegy. Dec 24
  • Claude said:
    i really liked it, i like your kind of style, really good, i want to buy the album!!! good job! keep going!! Dec 24
  • Mike XD said:
    i like how your tryin to bring new wave back to the 21st century... Dec 23
  • Melissa Stonerboner said:
    I like your style :] Dec 23
  • XsnickersX said:
    It was interesting? :) Dec 23
  • Courtney. said:
    cool sound(: keep it up! Dec 23
  • Lizzzzyyy. ' ☮♥♪ said:
    love it, you have an amazing talent, keep up the good work! (: Dec 23
  • Kendra!=] said:
    awww. your message was adorable so i decided to listen to your music. it's awesome! good luck with it. =] Dec 21
  • Jessica said:
    i love your music its awesome keep up the good work!!!! [= Dec 18
  • annie-boo said:
    crazy sweet sounds you got goin there Dec 17
  • Alicia said:
    awesome music! Dec 17