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  • Unique~Elise! said:
    very unique. i love it. Mar 11
  • ..:N!ZHON!:. said:
    thx for the message i like ur music it sounds great.. Mar 10
  • LexiUnDead! [tm] said:
    nice music :} Anthem of Love sounds like it should be on an anime. Mar 09
  • AshleyOnFire :D said:
    ilistened & i enjoyed :] Mar 06
  • yoDanielle said:
    thanks for the message; your music is very smooth and i like it a lot! Mar 05
  • Max (The Wolf And The Wildcat) said:
    Hey, if you've got some spare time, come check out my Electronica/Pop Punk/Rock project The Wolf And The Wildcat at http://purevolume.com/3408. Leave me a comment, tell me what you think, I'd love to chat. - The Wolf And The Wildcat Mar 03
  • Cell said:
    it's like trippy dude Mar 01
  • Michelle Salinas said:
    cool. Feb 27
  • Raven Ruffles c : said:
    Your music is super original and trippy keep it up XD Feb 27
  • TylerCarmel said:
    really like! Feb 27
  • StElLaR said:
    reeliii kewl! keep it up! xD Feb 27
  • Amy said:
    Neat!!! Feb 26
  • christina said:
    i really like ur music C: Feb 24
  • jennnn.(: said:
    i really like Give Me a Chance. You're really good! (: Thanks for the message. Feb 24
  • Kissingthemoon said:
    this sounds awesome! thanks for the message (: keep this going on ^^ Feb 24
  • lOore said:
    i like so much electronic ballroom and give me a chance :D thnks 4 the message :] Feb 22
  • said:
    Cool :D Feb 19
  • like thAt said:
    I like anthem of love :) Feb 19
  • MiseryX_x said:
    this is totally amazing x] luv it x] Feb 19
  • Brooke. said:
    ooo i like =] Feb 18