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  • David said:
    Hey Sakis. Good music. I like it. beats are great. Jun 07
  • KATIE said:
    wow, your composing music is super cool :D love it :D Jun 01
  • adrienne said:
    I love this! May 29
  • Paula G. (BandGeek) said:
    I got your message, so I decided to check it out! I like it!:) I'll TOTALLY be a fan! May 28
  • AyYe ItTs MaRiE said:
    I May 26
  • *MaRy* said:
    Ahhhhh, I see! I love your music! Adding you, def! :P May 24
  • lexilouie said:
    liking the beats May 23
    nicce:D May 23
    :D coolio musicness =]]] May 22
  • kaytie said:
    im likin ur tunes they r pretty kule May 20
  • i wish i was cute....DAMN it didnt work :( said:
    cool music May 13
  • jack death phillips said:
    nice sounds ;D May 06
  • STAYGOLD said:
    This is really good! May 01
  • zoey said:
    Haaay!! i'm Zoey & i'm from Italy i just wanna say that your music is wery cool ^^ Apr 30
  • Courteney Leigh Rose♥™ said:
    Hi from California Apr 21
  • oh HELLO whats YOUR name?! said:
    hiya! the names kaylynn and i just wanted to say i love your music! ^_^ xoxo kaylynn Apr 16
  • ♥Danni(Luvs His Baby Girl)♥ said:
    I will tell you the truth... I saw your message to me and My first thought was to delete the message then and not give it another thought. Then God seemed to lead my mind into clicking on the link to this page. I started playing Anthem Of Love and was EMEDIATLEY struck by the beuty and joy of its sound. I am a lover of all types of music from hip hop to rock from jazz to classical but this man has Imprinted his music into my mind. I will spread the word to all I know So they all may hear the beuty and joy of this mans music and bask in the solemness of its sound. Apr 15
  • rissawr said:
    its really cool but im more into bands and stuff... like, singing and vocals and stuff. but yeah its pretty sweet. Apr 14
  • LesleywithSirens said:
    this is kinda wierd but I think it is kool and I like it!! Apr 13
  • Ntoope said:
    its so sick that you live in greece. :) sweet tunes Apr 07