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  • jantoy said:
    ey dude! Oct 26
  • John Ellis said:
    Sounds like it took someone brilliant to compose that music, probably did. Oct 26
  • Buck Up. said:
    thanks for the message! pretty sweet stuff i like it =] Oct 25
  • RedRider said:
    cool story. the music is pretty neat.. it reminds me of Christmas music (like manheim steamroller =)), music at the mall, and music they'd play at a haunted house. haha. thanks for the message Oct 25
  • .questionsandanswers; said:
    woww, your music is reallyy amazing. its so pretty, and relaxing. its like one of those songs that makes me happy to cry lol keep it up! Oct 25
  • Ryan Riotâ„¢ astronaunt. said:
    Hey Sakis, thankss for telling me about you. I like your music, alot. It's a very clean sound. Prettty Amazing there, keeep it up. :D Oct 24
  • wakeboardKING said:
    wow... very relaxing music :P Oct 24
  • Glen said:
    smooth and relaxing, its really good considering i like nothing but death. Thx for thi message Oct 24
  • RawRRXKiDD said:
    hey it's really good :D luv the song and thx 4 the msg!!! Oct 24
  • OVver Rated && Unnder Used said:
    tnkx 4 the message i'll be your friend Oct 24
  • matthensley0 said:
    thanx for the message..the music is freakin sweet =] Oct 24
  • Lets Just Have A Good Time said:
    hey i wasnt sure i would like it but its actually awesome thanks for the message =] Oct 23
  • xxcheerupemokidxx said:
    i really lyke the music! :D Oct 23
  • HannahBrieGutierrez [Hype] said:
    Thanks for the message=) I love the music=) Oct 22
  • satheesh... said:
    Hello, I like music. Oct 22
  • lauren brady said:
    goood music. Oct 21
  • KILLAPUNK said:
    hey thanx Oct 21
  • kaah said:
    i loved music! VERY MUCH GOOD Oct 21