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  • Kiza said:
    全曲自分で作りましたか?凄いですね(≧▽≦)これからも頑張ってください。 応戦してます! Oct 29
  • anch0rsandlace said:
    You're so cute and you're quite talented. c: Sep 14
  • David Erregates said:
    Very beauty.... Sep 04
  • blacky said:
    I really liked your music. I hope you do not mind that you include in my blog. http://musicdompub.blogspot.com/2012/08/sail-by-stars.html regards Pd. if the translation is bad, Goolge Translator's fault;-) Aug 07
  • Mandy Nichols said:
    Jul 31
  • MikeyB48 said:
    quite an accomplishment all by yourself good job man May 21
  • jeni said:
    May 03
  • brent said:
    a thousand miles cover is good. Jan 11
  • Joviano R. Elan said:
    Now how'd I get followed in the first place? You're really talented man, I feel something big will happen soon. I'm thinking of working on my own music project, & Adam Young of Owl City really inspires me in it. Keep up the good work! Dec 26
  • James said:
    Merry Christmas Dec 26
  • d.Rf * said:
    :) Dec 24
  • holly said:
    wow! just wow! :) Dec 23
  • Alice Of the Underland said:
    I have no clue how you found me on twitter, and I really don't care. This is how music should be,and I love it. Nov 25
  • Alex said:
    "Icebergs are for Penguins" Oct 25
  • said:
    You've a beautiful voice. So good to listen. (: Oct 16
  • ianatuksounds said:
    You're very talented, and I'm not surprised you've got a growing fanbase. I will play one of your songs on my next podcast radio show on UKSounds.com. If fans want to vote for their fave to be played - email by 18th September to ian@uksounds.com Thanx Ian Sep 08
  • Zeta said:
    I liked your songs! How many albums do you have? :D Aug 22
  • Elise McNinja said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/TheHeroAcademy :) Aug 13
  • brenda said:
    i love ur music ^-^ Aug 02