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Genres: Acoustic / Acoustic / Indie

Location: Lansing, MI

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Members: Steve Miller, Ben Belloli


C l i c k
f o r
D i g i t a l
D o w n l o a d


June 16th, 2010

Hello everyone! It's finally here! We're excited to announce the release of our debut album, "Heal Yourself." As promised, no warning and no release date announcement. Just a knock on the door and an orphan baby left on your doorstep. The album is currently available right this very second. It has been done for the past month or so but we've been doing tons of prep work for the release...ie. The website, CD and case designs, lyrics sheets and an extremely goofy album release video that is very possibly destroying our image as we speak. Anyway, despite things that are completely within our control, we're so happy with how the album turned out and we hope you're happy with it too. If you're still with us we thank you so much for your patience. If you're not you better dang well believe you're on my hit list. Don't worry, it's just a list of names that I hit with my hand using a pretty descent amount of force. Now get outa here - go give the album a looksee. It's been a long time coming and you deserve your music.


PS. Check out our myspace for different songs :D

For any fans out there, we love you and thank you infinitely for listening
If you'd like to know about new songs and or other exciting safe or brave adventures add us on myspace! :D


  • Stop Stalking Me said:
    Hey, soooo you guys should play a show in Grand Haven! :D I would go. Jan 27
  • Angel Duran said:
    I really like the music! You guys is amazing. Nov 12
  • Amadeus said:
    great sound guys. "we" need more of your stuff....soon? Aug 15
  • Allie said:
    I thought the Jesus Christ cover was risky (brand new is the epitome of great music) but it played in your benefit. good call May 05
  • Keltie said:
    Love, love, looove you guys! Can't wait til you get more stuff. Apr 09
  • Jalapeno_baby said:
    awesome!! Feb 11
  • JaxxAttaxx™ said:
    You Guys Are Amazing Jan 12
  • veronica peircen said:
    awww, i love your music!! keep up the great work. I have a feeling you guys are going to quickly become one of my favorite bands. :) Dec 02
  • Maddie said:
    (: i like the music. Nov 29
  • Chris™ said:
    jesus christ cover is better than brand new. Jul 26
  • RAPH FROM A Sun's Misery said:
    add our band if you like HArdcore INDIe music www.purevolume.com/asunmisery Tanks And Safe or Brave Sound great at all ,,, !!!! Jul 21
  • story said:
    you guys are crazy good. i love your voice and the melodies are great. Jul 06
  • kayceexscreamsickle@yahoo.com said:
    join out family? www.escapethescene.com Mar 20
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    HOLY... it's just awesome. i have no words. i loveee this sound. Jan 04
  • Samantha said:
    agh! I love you guys so much! I've been listening to you guys for a few years now and you're just great!! you're music is my favorite to fall asleep to :) it's so smooth and calming, very emotional though.. You two are just stellar! Can't wait for your CD! Where will I be able to buy it? Dec 29

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